What does AXE Apollo body wash smell like?

What does AXE Apollo body wash smell like?

AXE Apollo Body Wash for men makes you feel clean, fresh, and rejuvenated with a classic, masculine fragrance with an addictive edge. Crisp notes of green fruits and fresh sage make up this refreshing scent.

Which AXE shower gel is best?

There are just better Axe shower gels out there. The best, most luxurious, and most concentrated I’ve found is the original AXE Snake Peel.

How good is AXE shower gel?

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect product! Axe “Touch” was by far the best scented shower gel they have ever made. It’s NEVER too strong, even directly out of the shower. It lasts a long time at an even distribution of scent.

How do you use AXE shower gel?

Directions: Pour a quarter-sized drop of this shower gel on to a loofah and work it into a lather. Gently scrub yourself all over with this shower gel and rinse.

Is an AXE a lynx?

Lynx, originally launched under the name of Axe, was later introduced to our UK lads in ’85. Kickstarting with three separate fragrances: Amber, Musk and Spice. Absolute classics. But it doesn’t stop there.

How tall is a AXE body wash bottle?

Recharge your skin care routine with the iconic combo of fresh sage and cedarwood with long-lasting odor protection. Smell refreshed for 12 hours. Dermatologically tested formula with no parabens. Squeeze out AXE men’s body wash….Old Spice.

Depth 6.375
Height 8.625

Is AXE good for your body?

You heard me right. Axe Body Spray may make you feel manly, but in reality, it’s potentially robbing you of your manhood. And I wish I was joking. A new study out of Massachusetts has linked paternal exposure to phthalates with diminished embryo quality.

Can you use AXE body wash on your face?

5. Do not put it on your face: Body wash is meant for your body! It should not be applied to the face as it may cause drying or clog pores. 6.

Does AXE body wash smell good?

We like this AXE Phoenix Body Wash for Men, which scrubs off the dirt and grime from your day without leaving any sticky or soapy residue behind. The refreshing fragrance blends mint and rosemary with woodsy and earthy elements, for a crisp, masculine scent.

Where is Axe body wash made?

Axe Body Wash, Africa – 13.5 Fl Oz / 400 mL X 6 Pack, Made in Germany.

How much does AXE cost?

A good high-value axe will cost $40-$125. These axes are made with good materials but have a rougher finish level from the factory. A premium axe will be $150-$250 and made with higher-end materials and extra hand fitting and finishing. An artisanal axe will be $200-$500, hand-made, and finely finished.

What ingredients are in AXE body wash?


Which axe is best?

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Is Axe a good brand?

Council Tool They produce great, high-quality products but they cut a few corners to pass along some savings to their customers. The price of a single-bit axe from Council Tools, for example, is less than half the cost of one from Gransfors Bruks or Wetterlings.

Is Axe safe for skin?

We’ve got you covered there as well. AXE Insta Hydrate Body Wash is a paraben-free shower gel designed to leave you smelling fresh and feeling fine. Formulated with ingredients that won’t irritate guys with dry and sensitive skin.