How much do Coxswains get paid?

How much do Coxswains get paid?

Coxswain Salaries

Job Title Salary
Toll Group Coxswain salaries – 2 salaries reported $160,875/yr
Planet Fitness Coxswain salaries – 1 salaries reported $25/hr
Hawkesbury River Tourist Services Coxswain salaries – 1 salaries reported $27/hr
Nautilus Coxswain salaries – 1 salaries reported $30/hr

What is the job of a coxswain?

A Coxswain is responsible for navigating and steering small commercial vessels within 15 nautical miles of the coast. As the crew leader on the vessel, they’re responsible for supervising everyone aboard.

What is the difference between coxswain Grade 1 and 2?

Difference between Coxswain Grade 1 & Grade 2 Course Whilst Coxswain grade 2 course allows you to command, and operate the engines of, a vessel less than 12 metres long with unlimited outboard engine propulsion, or inboard engines less than 100 kilowatts.

How many hours do you need for Coxswains?

The Coxswain course is one of our most popular courses 100% recreational boating experience can be used to obtain a Coxswain marine qualification. The course cost is low and split into installment payments. Currently 90% of the course can be completed online in about 35 hours.

Do coxswains have to be small?

The coxswains are the coaches during the competition, so it’s up to them uplift and inspire their squads. On top of all the skills and responsibilities a coxswain has, they need to be small; not mentally, but physically. The boat can weigh up to 200 pounds before the weight of eight rowers is added on.

How hard is it to be a coxswain?

“There are a thousand things to be done at once… The responsibilities they have are important and they are not easy to do.” At practice, coxswains work just as hard as on race day. They help to record data on what exercises the rowers are doing and how long it takes them to complete these workouts, Dethlefs said.

How much should a coxswain weight?

Coxswain. Rowers are the athletes with the oars. A coxswain is the small (less than 110 lbs for women and 120 lbs for men) person who steers the boat and motivates the crew. While a boat doesn’t move without its rowers, coxswains are also an integral part of the team.

Is there a job for a coxswain at Hamilton Island?

A rare position for a qualified and experienced Coxswain to join Hamilton Island. Resort experience and a guest service focus is imperative. Clean Seas has opportunities available now for experienced Deckhands & Coxswains at both our Port Lincoln & Whyalla Marine Farm Operations.

What are the requirements to become a coxswain?

Coxswain must hold minimum Coxswains or above, MED III, and be able to obtain a QLD… Ongoing professional development and training. Focus on employee engagement with options to input into a variety of projects.

Where can I work as a marine vessel operator in QLD?

Multiple marine vessel operators required to work in support of a large scale tier 1 maritime construction project in Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne. Opportunity exists for Marine Tourism Coxswain/Deckhands in Cairns, North Qld. Aquaduck is looking for a Skipper on the Gold Coast!