What is a Brazy?

What is a Brazy?

Brazy is Blood gang terminology for Crazy. Where the “C” is replaced with “B” as disdain for the letter C. Submitted by anonymous on January 9, 2021. BRAZY. hip hop slang of saying “crazy”.

Where Brazy from?

Los Angeles, California
Bruce Anthony Parrish Jr. (12 December 1974 – 9 May 2003), better known by his stage name B-Brazy, was an American rapper from Los Angeles, California.

Is Honeykomb Brazy a blood?

With HoneyKomb Brazy’s consistent references to Blood-related elements, as well as the use of a “B” in his name instead of a “C,” a move often associated with affiliation to that gang, it’s clear where he falls regarding the situation developing in Alabama today.

How old is no cap?

23 years (August 20, 1998)NoCap / Age

What is honeycomb brazy real name?

Nashon Jones
The day after the fire, the victims were confirmed to be the grandparents of Honeykomb Brazy, whose real name is Nashon Jones. It is believed that Southall ordered the hit on Tony and Leila.

Who does Honeykomb brazy have beef with?

Tony Lewis, 62, was killed by gunfire after being struck twice, while the fire killed 68-year-old Leila Lewis. The blaze also destroyed a nearby house. “The beef was with the rapper OMB Peezy,” Nettles said. “They plotted to execute the grandparents, or whoever was in that house at the time.”

Is HoneyKomb brazy a blood?

Why is honeycomb brazy in jail?

Mobile rapper Honeykomb Brazy is off to prison to serve the rest of his 15 year sentence handed down in 2016 for possessing a firearm. Brazy, whose real name is Nahshon Jones, was ordered to go back after prosecutors showed videos of him around numerous guns and drugs, which violated his probation, according to WALA.

Is HoneyKomb Brazy a blood?

Who killed HoneyKomb Brazy grandparents?

Terrance Watkins
Terrance Watkins is charged with two counts of murder and one count of shooting into an occupied building. In February of 2021, the couple, who were the grandparents of Mobile rapper HoneyKomb Brazy, were attacked in their Happy Hill home.