Is the Lighthorsemen a true story?

Is the Lighthorsemen a true story?

The Lighthorsemen is a 1987 Australian war film about the men of a World War I light horse unit involved in Sinai and Palestine campaign’s 1917 Battle of Beersheeba. The film is based on a true story and most of the characters in the film were based on real people.

What is the light horse in the movie Gallipoli?

Featuring Mark Lee from the film “Gallipoli” as the presenter, it is the story of the Australian Light Horse, the men, the famous Waler horse and their great commander Harry Chauval.

Where was the Light Horse Brigade?

Camps in Egypt. The Light Horse brigades stayed in Egypt before and after the Gallipoli Campaign. The men and their horses camped at Mena, near Giza, and at Maadi (sometimes spelt ‘Meadi’), on the edge of the desert south of Cairo.

How many died in the Battle of Beersheba?

171 killed
He further strengthened his defensive line stretching from Gaza to Beersheba after the EEF defeats at the first and second battles of Gaza in March and April 1917, and received reinforcements of two divisions….Battle of Beersheba (1917)

Battle of Beersheba
Casualties and losses
171 killed in action ~ 1,000 killed or wounded 1,947 prisoners

Did Australia win the battle of Beersheba?

Decisive victory at Beersheba fell to one of the last great charges of mounted troops in history. As Australian Light Horse Divisions captured the town and secured crucial water wells, their success also marked the beginning of the end of the war in the Middle East.

How many light horsemen charge Beersheba?

Ottoman casualties are believed to be about 1000 (killed and wounded). The success of this charge allowed approx 60,000 allied troops access to water. By 10 pm on 31 October, approximately 58,000 light horsemen and 100,000 animals had swarmed into Beersheba.

How many horses died in Beersheba?

A historic success At least 70 horses also died during the charge. The occupation of Beersheba was the beginning of the end for the Turkish defensive line. The allied forces were soon able to outflank the forces in Gaza, and the Turkish resistance in the long contested city collapsed within the week.

How many Australians died at the charge of Beersheba?

The Australians suffered 67 casualties. Two officers and 29 other ranks were killed, and 8 officers and 28 other ranks wounded. The fall of Beersheba opened the way to outflank the Gaza—Beersheba Line. On 6 November, after severe fighting, Turkish forces began to withdraw from Gaza further into Palestine.

What is the name of the Light Horse movie?

The film’s screenwriter Ian Jones has written two books on the Light Horse. They are “The Legend of the Light Horse” (2007) and “The Australian Light Horse” (1987) with the latter being first published in the same year that this film ‘The Lighthorsemen’ (1987) first premiered. Is this interesting?

What happened to the four light horsemen?

The film follows four Australian cavalrymen (Frank, Scotty, Chiller, and Tas) in Palestine in 1917, part of the 4th Light Horse Brigade of the British and Commonwealth forces. When Frank is wounded and dies of his wounds, he is replaced by Dave.

Is the Lighthorsemen a good movie?

In comparison, T he Lighthorsemen is respectful and dull, no doubt hampered by the way it claims to have based the character played by Jon Blake on real war hero Scotty Bolton. The romance between Peter Phelps and Sigrid Thornton, also claimed to be based on real people, is tasteful but to many critics it was also insipid and dull.

What happened to the Australian Light Horse Regiment in 1917?

In 1917 when the British forces are bogged down in front of the Turkish and German lines in Palestine they rely on the Australian light horse regiment to break the deadlock. Palestine, 1917. The British advance has been stopped by the Turkish line running from Gaza to Beersheba.