What is the cheapest turboprop plane?

What is the cheapest turboprop plane?

Keep that in mind when looking at the numbers below. Beechcraft’s King Air B200 is their cheapest King Air in terms of operational costs. It’s the only twin-engine turboprop on this list, so it burns more fuel than the others at 101.7 gallons per hour, which, at $5 per gallon, is $508.50 per hour.

What is the fastest turboprop plane in the world?

The Avanti EVO exceeds speeds of 460 mph, making it the world’s fastest turboprop plane—even faster than some jets and at a fraction of the operational cost (30% lower than jets of the same class).

What turboprop plane has the longest range?

The 441, which Cessna built from 1978 through 1986, is among the fastest and longest range twin turboprops available.

What is the difference between a C-5 and C-17?

The giant C-5 Galaxy is the only other jet transport in the joint airlift fleet, and each one can carry about 50 more tons per flight than a C-17. What that means in practical terms is that it can transport twice as many armored vehicles or missile batteries or supply pallets per sortie.

Are they still making Walter extra planes?

During 2015 a decision was made to end production. Started by Walter Extra, the company has been manufacturing aerobatic airplanes almost exclusively with their latest products being the Extra EA-300 series. The company introduced the Extra EA-400 in 2001.

How many passengers can an EA-500 carry?

It can carry five passengers in club seating configuration. It is equipped with an air conditioning and circulation system to supply fresh air to the passengers onboard. “The first EA-500 is expected to be delivered at the Aero Friedrichshafen in April 2012, a global expo for general aviation.”

What kind of engine does a Rolls Royce EA 500 have?

The EA-500 was introduced as an alternative version of the EA-400 with the piston engine replaced by a Rolls-Royce Model 250 -B17F/2 turboprop yielding 450 horsepower (340 kW), weighing 205 pounds (93 kg), and driving a 5 bladed propeller.

Why does the EA-500 have a high wing design?

The high wing design was used for a number of reasons, including no wing spar in the cabin and in the event of a dual fuel pump failure, fuel flow is helped by gravity. The EA-500’s cabin is spacious, 55 inches across by 49 inches tall; also the windshield has a fast taper, which wraps up around the two pilots.