Who is the PE teacher in Horrid Henry?

Who is the PE teacher in Horrid Henry?

Sidmouth Soggington
Sidmouth Soggington (also known as Mr Soggington or Soggy Sid) is the tertiary antagonist who is the Physical Education (P.E.) teacher at Ashton Primary School.

Where does Horrid Henry’s Dad work?

Tingly Toothbrushes
Dad works as an office manager at Tingly Toothbrushes. His work boss is Big Bob, and he’s very strict.

Is Ted from Horrid Henry a girl?

Personality. Ted is a polite young boy who takes pride in his appearance. He also appears to be quite friendly in Horrid Henry and the Detention Club.

Does Horrid Henry have ADHD?

Henry is the only character who has appeared in every single episode of the series. There seems to be a popular fan theory that Henry has ADHD, dyslexia or is on the autism spectrum, although this is completely unconfirmed.

Where is Miss Battle-Axe from?

Miss Battle-Axe is Scottish; she speaks with a Scottish accent, and in Horrid Henry Does His Homework, she plays the bagpipes.

Why is Ralph so mean to Piggy?

Throughout the book Ralph is mean to Piggy. This comes in part from his security with him. Ralph knows that he is Piggy’s only defense. Piggy is described as an outsider on page 21 when the narrator says “For a moment the boys were a closed circuit of sympathy with Piggy on the outside…”

What kind of character is Horrid Henry?

– Horrid Henry Horrid Henry is the main character and the overall main protagonist of the TV series. He was created by Francesca Simon in the mid 1990s, and he was brought to the television by the episode maker Dave Unwin in 2006. He is a mischievous prankster-type kid, who is exhilarant and arrogant.

Who are the teachers that do not like Henry?

Miss Battle-Axe, Henry’s teacher and always on his case, does not like Henry. Sidmouth Soggington (aka Soggy Sid, sports teacher, ballroom dancer and proud owner of Goldilocks the goldfish), does not like Henry. Madame Tutu (dance teacher), does not like Henry. Miss Oddbod (Headteacher of Ashton Primary), quite likes Henry, sometimes.

What is Horrid Henry’s disability?

Horrid Henry is the main character in the series who has ADHD. He sports tatty brown hair and extremely bad behaviour. He loves saving up money so he can buy the things that Mum and Dad normally refuse to let him have.

What is the name of Horrid Henry’s club?

Horrid Henry is the leader of a club in the back garden of his house in which he calls it The Purple Hand Gang. The club rivals with The Secret Club, as shown heavily in Horrid Henry and the Secret Club .