Do Freemie cups work with any pump?

Do Freemie cups work with any pump?

Product Description: This is a Genuine Freemie Collection Cup Set – Compatible with Medela Lactina, Symphony and Pump In Style Advanced Pumps. Not compatible with the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump. Pump anytime, anywhere and around anyone as milk collects inside the cup slipped inside your bra.

How do Freemie cups work?

How does the system work? Each Freemie cup has a funnel and valve integrated into the cup assembly, so they feel and work just like regular breast pump equipment when placed over your breasts. But instead of milk falling down and hanging in bottles below the funnels, it collects in cups that surround the funnels.

Do Freemie cups work with Spectra?

The Freemie Deluxe Cup Set allows moms to enjoy the Freemie system while using their Motif, Spectra, Ameda, Evenflo, Philips, Ardo, Lucina, or Freemie breast pump. This collection system is concealable under clothing, discreet and comfortable to improve your pumping experience.

How long does it take to pump with Freemie?

Once I set up my Spectra flanges on the Liberty pump, I was able to express 6.5 ounces within 12 minutes! I was thrilled! I started again at a speed of 10 and a suction of 10 until I felt a let-down, which was about a minute (just like my Spectra).

How long should I pump with Freemie?

There are five parts you have to clean, verses 3 with my Spectra, which is a bit more time-consuming, but the ability to be hands-free while pumping is worth it. With my Spectra, I typically pump for about 10 minutes, on a 2-3 vacuum and I can get anywhere from 5-8 ounces combined depending on the time of day.

How long does the Freemie pump last?

about an hour
The pump itself is a small hexagon with an LCD screen — it’s roughly the size of your palm, weighs just about ½ pound, and you can clip it to your clothes. It has a rechargeable (USB) battery, which typically lasts for about an hour, give or take (thus, the battery life leaves something to be desired).

Is Freemie a hospital grade?

Another cool part about the Freemie: The pump is actually of the hospital-grade variety, so after just a minute or two, I already had an ounce in each cup.

Which Freemie is best?

The Freemie Independence Deluxe comes in on top of its competitors for this one—it’s much cheaper than its competitors, Willow and Elvie.

Is Freemie covered by insurance?

Freemie offers several breast pumps that are available for purchase through your insurance. Moms are now able to receive Freemie Hands Free Double Electric breast pump through various insurance providers such as Carefirst BCBS, Blue cross blue shield, Tricare, Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna, CoreSource, Meritain …

Is Freemie a hospital-grade?

Why are my Freemie cups leaking?

If you experience leaking when you first begin using your cups, this could be due to not boiling. Boiling the hard cup parts makes them airtight. Be sure to stir the parts consistently while boiling, if parts rest against the pot they can become warped and/or damaged, and will not perform correctly.

What is the freemie hands free breast pump milk collection Cup?

The Freemie Hands Free and Concealable Breast Pump Milk Collection Cups are an alternative milk collection system for use with the most popular electric breast pumps for single or double pumping. The with Standard Connection Kit for the most popular US pumps. Product Description:

What is included with the freemie standard Cup set?

Everything needed is included with the Freemie Standard Cup set so you can: Made without latex, BPA, BPS or DEHP. Check the list of compatible pumps below to make your pump hands-free and more convenience: Easy to clean and sanitize. Hand wash and boil hard parts as desired.

Is the freemie Cup set compatible with the Medela lactina breast pump?

This is a Genuine Freemie Collection Cup Set – Compatible with Medela Lactina, Symphony and Pump In Style Advanced Pumps. Not compatible with the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump.

Which freemie mobile pumps are compatible with SlimFit Cups?

SlimFit Cups are compatible with all Freemie Mobile Pumps so you can count on hospital level performance. Rose Premium System – NEW! Meet our sleek new pumping system! Ultra discreet SlimFit5 Cups are worn in-bra and paired with our beautifully powerful Rose Pump.