How old is Jonathan Pie?

How old is Jonathan Pie?

Jonathan Pie is a character played by English actor and comedian Tom Walker (born: June 6, 1978 (1978-06-06) [age 44]), who, since the character debuted in 2015, has become popular across social media for his rants against various political figures from all across the political spectrum.

What channel is Jonathan Pie on?

Jonathan Pie: FAKE NEWS Jonathan Pie’s critically acclaimed sell out show is now available to buy exclusively on VIMEO.

Does Jonathan Pie have a podcast?

The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast: 233 – Jonathan Pie (Tom Walker & Andrew Doyle) on Apple Podcasts.

Who is Tom Walker comedian?

Tom Walker is an English actor and comedian best known for playing viral sensation Jonathan Pie, a fictitious news reporter, co-created with comedian and journalist Andrew Doyle, who rants and raves to the camera about the state of modern politics.

What’s Jonathan pies real name?

Tom WalkerJonathan Pie / Played by

How tall is Jonathan Pie?

Conversation. is 8’10”. My guess is that the 5’5″ ish I read is correct.

How long is Jonathan Pie fake news?

Jonathan Pie is the exasperated news reporter whose videos have been seen across the world. With over 1.5 million Facebook followers, his online videos regularly achieve millions of views going viral internationally….Jonathan Pie – Fake News (The Corona Remix)

Time: 7.30pm
Duration: TBC

Is Jonathan Pie an actor?

Is Jonathan Pie a real person?

Jonathan Pie is a fictional character created and portrayed by English actor and comedian Tom Walker.

Who does Jonathan Pie work for?

Who is Jonathan Pie a reporter for? So, we’ve established that, alas, Jonathan Pie isn’t a real news reporter – so who’s recording him? When Walker started out, he was a one man team with a camera and a tripod. Now, he works for RT UK, who record and edit his work.

Where is comedian Tom Walker from?

Tom Walker is an Australian comedian, performer, podcaster and Twitch streamer.

Is Jonathan pie a real person?

What is Jonathan Pie real name?

How tall is Jonathan pie?

Who created Jonathan pie?

comedian Tom Walker
Jonathan Pie is a fictional character created and portrayed by English actor and comedian Tom Walker.

Is Jonathan pie a journalist?

A political correspondent, Pie appears in a series of comedic online videos in which he rants angrily about British, American, and Australian politics, with the videos being presented as though he were a real reporter giving his personal opinions before or after filming a regular news segment.