Is King of Fighters 15 worth it Reddit?

Is King of Fighters 15 worth it Reddit?

If you like the genre, its worth it. If not, then no. KOF15 is a pretty bare-bones fighting game. If you are a serious fan of the genre, or a legacy SNK fan then its a much easier purchase than a casual player.

Is King of Fighters good Reddit?

It’s an amazing game. It’s good. I haven’t played a Kof game since the snes days and you couldn’t even call me a casual back then, it’d be too gracious. I played a few hours today and it’s super fun.

Is KOF15 hard Reddit?

KOF XV is so much faster and stricter than GGS, it’s almost you can’t watch at your bar meter to not misinput or to drop what you are doing lol. you are out of the loop, not many characters require that much precision and/or are difficult in KOF15 for combos, did you even play the game? No problem!

Is King of Fighters XV worth it?

King of Fighters 15 is a robust game with a lot of content even if it isn’t very single player-oriented. With a launch roster of a whopping 39 characters and some very expressive gameplay mechanics to let you enjoy these characters to their fullest, there’s more than enough to keep you busy for quite some time.

Is Guilty Gear strive good Reddit?

Guilty Gear Strive proves there’s still some fight left in 2D gaming. Between the gorgeous visuals, rocking soundtrack and highly-polished gameplay, Guilty Gear Strive delivers the total package when it comes to making a great fighting game and is one of the best modern 2D fighters.

Is GG strive worth buying?

An additional single-player game mode or two would’ve been welcome extras, but as it stands, Guilty Gear Strive is a superb fighting game you should pick up, especially if you dug Dragon Ball FighterZ or Arc System Works’ other titles.

Is KOF 15 easy to learn?

However, as popular as this series is, KOF is also more challenging to learn. After all, this game requires you to learn three fighters at a time instead of one, among other challenges. Luckily, we have some tips to help you navigate the KOF fighting system as well as 15’s new features.

Is Testament Nonbinary Guilty Gear?

Testament was recently announced as the last DLC character to arrive in Guilty Gear Strive Season Pass 1, with an arrival date of March 28 for Season Pass holders and March 31 for everyone else. Also, Arc System Works confirmed that Testament is neither male nor female, and is actually non-binary.

Why is Testament a girl?

Testament is now considered agender—a non-binary identity classified by its total disassociation with all known genders—by Arc System Works, after previously being referred to with he/him pronouns.