What caused the West Texas fertilizer plant explosion?

What caused the West Texas fertilizer plant explosion?

The explosion occurred after a fire broke out in the plant. Investigators from the Texas Department of Insurance and State Fire Marshall’s Office concluded ammonium nitrate was the cause of the explosion.

What plant blew up in Texas?

November 2019 – TPC Houston Chemical Plant Explosion – Port Neches. Explosions rocked the TPC Group-owned Port Neches chemical plant releasing more than 1,000 pounds of butadiene into the atmosphere and over 500 pounds of particulate matter.

Who caused the Phillips disaster of 1989?

Cause. The accident resulted from a release of extremely flammable process gases that occurred during regular maintenance operations on one of the plant’s polyethylene reactors. More than 85,000 lb (39 t) of highly flammable gases were released through an open valve almost instantaneously.

How many people died in the Phillips disaster?

23 people
On October 23, 1989, 23 people die in a series of explosions sparked by an ethylene leak at a factory in Pasadena, Texas. The blasts, which took place at a Phillips Petroleum Company plant, were caused by inadequate safety procedures.

What happened to Phillips Petroleum?

Phillips Petroleum Company, former U.S. petroleum company that merged with Conoco in August 2002 to form ConocoPhillips.

Is West Texas Safe?

West Texas Takes The Top Spots Odessa’s violent crime rate of 806 incidents per 100,000 inhabitants is the highest in Texas by a fairly wide margin; Lubbock, the #2 city on the list, drops down to 658 per 100,000.

Does Phillips 66 still exist?

Today, Phillips 66 is a diversified energy manufacturing and logistics company. With a portfolio of Midstream, Chemicals, Refining, and Marketing and Specialities businesses, the company processes, transports, stores and markets fuels and products globally.

What is the oil capital of the US?

Tulsa, Oklahoma
The title of “Oil Capital of the World” is often used to refer to Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Houston, Texas, the current center of the oil industry, more frequently uses the sobriquet β€œThe Energy Capital of the World.”)