What was The Beatles cartoon called?

What was The Beatles cartoon called?

The Beatles (TV series)
The Beatles was a Saturday morning animated television series featuring representations of the popular English rock band of the same name. It was originally broadcast from 1965 to 1967 on ABC in the USA, with repeats airing until 1969.

Was there a Beatles cartoon show?

Production began on the animated series in 1964, shortly after the Fab Four sent shockwaves through pop culture on Sullivan. Premiering on ABC in 1965, The Beatles aired original episodes through 1967. Reruns continued into 1969. The band broke up only months later.

Who wrote Piggies by Beatles?

George HarrisonPiggies / LyricistGeorge Harrison MBE was an English musician and singer-songwriter who achieved international fame as the lead guitarist of the Beatles. Wikipedia

What were The Beatles talking about in Helter Skelter?

McCartney said that he was “using the symbol of a helter skelter as a ride from the top to the bottom; the rise and fall of the Roman Empire – and this was the fall, the demise.” He later said that the song was a response to critics who accused him of writing only sentimental ballads and being “the soppy one” of the …

Will The Beatles cartoons ever be released?

The 39 original episodes ran from 1965 to 1967, with repeats filling the remaining seasons through 1969. They’ve never had an official release, although cleaned up and restored they’d look awesome on Blu-ray.

Who animated the Yellow Submarine?

Ron Campbell (26 December 1939 – 22 January 2021) was an Australian animator, director, and producer, best known for his work on the 1960s The Beatles television series, as well as the animated feature film Yellow Submarine.

Where can I find The Beatles cartoon?

You can now watch the ‘lost’ Beatles cartoon series on YouTube | EW.com.

Did The Beatles use drugs in Yellow Submarine?

They started doing acid in ’65 and by ’66 all four Beatles were heavy into acid, so it could obviously be about drugs, however if it were I think they would just come out and say it. It was rumored to be about a yellow pill, but it was denied. So, I’m sure it was drug-inspired, but not actually ABOUT drugs.

Why did The Beatles not voice Yellow Submarine?

TIL that the Beatles, John, Paul, Ringo and George do not voice themselves in the Yellow Submarine movie as they were too busy.