How many worlds are in Loco Roco?

How many worlds are in Loco Roco?

5 worlds
LocoRoco is divided into 5 worlds each consisting of 8 levels.

What is loco race game?

Loco Race is a minigame in LocoRoco 2. It costs 30 Pickories to play.

How many levels are in LocoRoco 2?

There are 5 worlds to clear, each consisting of 8 levels.

Can you play LocoRoco on ps4?

Take advantage of LocoRoco in native 4K on your PlayStation®4 Pro system and compatible 4K display. Also enjoy LocoRoco in 1080p resolution on your PlayStation®4 system with an HD display device. To play this game on PS5, your system may need to be updated to the latest system software.

What is the role of the planet in LocoRoco?

When the Moja Troop comes to the planet to take it over, the LocoRoco do not know how to fight against these invaders from outer space. As such, the player assumes the role of “the planet” that is capable of guiding the LocoRoco around to defeat the Moja Troop and rescue the remaining LocoRoco, returning the planet to its peaceful ways.

What is the first LocoRoco game?

LocoRoco (pronunciation: Locɔːrocɔː) is a platform game for the PlayStation Portable released in 2006 and the first installment of the LocoRoco franchise. It is developed and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. A group of joyful blob-like creatures called the LocoRocos lived on a planet. But then, a meteorite crashes into the universe.

Is there a mobile version of LocoRoco?

A mobile version of LocoRoco, LocoRoco Mobile, was created for distribution via i-mode, a wireless service in Japan in 2007. The mobile game has since been released in western countries by Gamelion, however it has been renamed LocoRoco Hi. LocoRoco has received mostly positive reviews from critics.

What is the yellow creature in LocoRoco?

Kulche, a fun-loving yellow creature defeats one of the Moja corps. members, but the army heads for him and jumps out. LocoRoco is divided into 5 worlds each consisting of 8 levels.