Is G640 and G840 the same?

Is G640 and G840 the same?

The G640 is a large sized mousepad (there is also the smaller and thinner G240 and the desk sized G840) so it’s going to be ideal for gamers who play on a lower sensitivity or for players who just want a bit more mousepad real estate.

Is the G840 a good mousepad?

All-in-all, the G840 is a really good mousepad. You won’t have to worry about your mouse sliding off and ruining the moment in your gaming session. The K/DA art is nice to have, but there is also a plain black option if you prefer.

What kind of pad is the G640?

The rubber base prevents the mouse pad from slipping. The G640 was matched to Logitech G mouse sensors, and is ideal for laser and optical mice….Logitech G G640 Specs.

Surface Material Fabric
Weight 12.4 oz / 351.54 g

Is Logitech G840 speed or control?

G840 features a performance-tuned texture for consistent sensor imaging and peak cursor accuracy. The surface is also designed for the right friction level to enable targeting by feel and optimize both high-speed flick precision and low-speed control. The rubber base maintains stability during intense gameplay.

Does G640 have coating?

Top critical review But this mousepad has a coating that is smooth and fast, but after a week of moderate usage it wore off, and now it’s dead slow.

Is the G640 durable?

The performance aspect of the G640 is satisfying for many players. Durability is the only little drawback. G640 is a full flat type mouse pad with no stitching on the edge. It is important to understand that the cloth on the surface will come off at the edge where the arm rubs.

How big is the G840?

At 900mm x 400mm, G840 provides the ideal surface area for maximum comfort and configuration options, and unifies your gaming desktop for a battle-ready aesthetic.

Should I wash my G640?

Wash every 2-3 months. Logitech G640 – Top tier tracking for about a week. Then becomes horribly inconsistent and grabby in the most trafficked areas. Needs weekly washing even if not visibly dirty.

Why do pros use Logitech g640?

The Logitech G640 is a soft-type gaming mouse pad that was released by Logitech in 2015. However, it is still being one of the top gaming mousepads used by FPS professional gamers due to its relatively large size and compatibility while gaming (mouse pad that can be used for games of all genres).

Does g640 have coating?

Is Logitech G840 a cloth?

Logitech G840 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad with Rubber Base (Extra Large) K/DA, Black 943-000456 – Best Buy.

How big is the Logitech G840?

Logitech┬« G840 XL Gaming Mouse Pad, 0.12″H x 35.43″W x 15.75″D, Black, 943-000117.