What does the fat switch do on a Fender Blues Jr?

What does the fat switch do on a Fender Blues Jr?

It has three 12AX7 tubes in the preamp and two EL84 tubes in the power amp. It has volume, treble, mid, bass, master volume, and reverb controls, as well as a “FAT” switch which slightly boosts the mids and increases the gain in the preamp stage.

Can you gig with a Fender Blues Jr?

If you gig often, you’ll find that one of the many prevalent amps that appear on a backline stage has been the trusty Fender Blues Junior. Soundmen love this small wonder because it’s easy to manage volume with its low wattage, and its single speaker can be quickly mic’d.

Does blues Jr have spring reverb?

One of the most-beloved small combo amps in the world, the Blues Junior IV adds modified preamp circuitry, smoother-sounding spring reverb and improved aesthetics that any player is sure to appreciate.

Where do you plug in the footswitch on a Fender Blues Junior?

Re: footswitch for blues junior It plugs in near the tubes and speaker apparently. You need to go in the back panel.

What are the best Fender amps?

Editor’s Pick: Fender ‘65 Twin Reverb The Fender ’65 twin reverb is simply the best Fender tube amp available at the moment.

  • Fender Champion 100 A great amplifier for an amazing price.
  • Fender Champion 20 Perfect for practicing. The Fender Champion 20 is basically a smaller,version of the Champion 100.
  • Fender Rumble Bass Combo 200
  • Which Fender amp has the best reverb?


  • AustinIsPresent. I’m partial to a blackface princeton reverb.
  • BSOD. Loaded question.
  • dazco. I know it’s cliche,but best ever was a BF twin RI.
  • guitarman3001. Twin Reverb.
  • stevel. They are all great clean amps.
  • Bucksears
  • jerrycampbell. They’re all pretty great,IMO.
  • pfflam.
  • pbmw.
  • How to dial in pristine Blues amp settings?

    How to Dial in Pristine Blues Amp Settings. I use the Boss DS-1 distortion pedal to dial in the optimal blues amp settings with just the right amount of gain and twang.

    How to set your guitar amp for Blues?

    Connect your guitar&

  • Set volume levels
  • Set your three-band EQ
  • Set reverb and/or additional controls
  • Add pedals if you have them