What is the name of CHN?

What is the name of CHN?

Community Healthcare Network – Community Healthcare NetworkCommunity Healthcare Network.

What is the name of Ol?

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What is the full form of Cho?

Community Health Officer (CHO)

What is an OH group called?

A hydroxy or hydroxyl group is a functional group with the chemical formula -OH and composed of one oxygen atom covalently bonded to one hydrogen atom.

What is ol suffix?

The suffix –ol is used in organic chemistry principally to form names of organic compounds containing the hydroxyl (–OH) group, mainly alcohols (also phenol). The suffix was extracted from the word alcohol.

What is ANM & GNM?

ANM & GNM are the courses for the aspirants who wish to build their career in the field of Nursing. ANM refers to Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery and GNM refers to General Nursing Midwifery. The two courses possess a somewhat similar application and approach.

Which is best ANM or GNM?

Graduates of the ANM and GNM programmes are qualified to work in both the public and private sectors. Because the GNM programme is longer than the ANM programme, it offers more opportunities in terms of compensation and growth. A candidate can also pursue GNM after completing an ANM diploma.

What is the duty of Cho?

As a CHO you will be the first point of care or source of information for the health- related issues for the community by the virtue of the proximity of HWCs to its catchment population. Therefore, it is essential for you to understand the population in your service area and identify its common health needs.

What is qualification of Cho?

The candidate must have completed B.Sc. (Nursing), Post Basic B.Sc. (Nursing), or GNM qualified. The candidate must have completed BAMS from a recognized institute along with an internship.

How do you name alcohol?

Alcohol is named by identifying the longest straight carbon chain containing the -OH group. The -ane suffix is replaced with -anol and the location of the -OH group on the chain is designed by a number. The generic IUPAC name for alcohol is alkanols, and they are represented in reactions by the general formula R-OH.

Is GNM better or ANM?

Who is a general nurse?

General nurses provide direct patient care, which can include bathing and dressing patients, administering doctor-prescribed medications, and collecting fluid samples.

Can we do MBBS after GNM?

Yes you can go for MBBS after your GNM, i.e, General Nursing and Midwifery course. GNM is a three and half years diploma course.

What is Cho course?

Basically, the CHO (Community Health Officer) is a part of Ayushman Bharat community health Officers CHO, are new cadre of non-physician health workers, who work in the rural department as health doctors in the Village era.

What is CHO work?

Community Health Officer (CHO) also called Mid Level Health Provider (MLHP) and non-physician practitioner, are trained health care providers who have a defined scope of practice. In India, only Nursing and AYUSH Practitioner are eligible for this cadre.