Who is Prof Alice Roberts husband?

Who is Prof Alice Roberts husband?

David StevensAlice Roberts / Husband (m. 2000)

What nationality is Alice Roberts?

BritishAlice Roberts / Nationality

How old is Alice Roberts?

49 years (May 19, 1973)Alice Roberts / Age

Is Alice Roberts vegan?

Alice tries to live as healthily as she can. She’s a pescatarian (a vegetarian who eats fish), and avoids too much sugar.

How tall is Dr Alice Roberts?

5′ 7″Alice Roberts / Height

Is Dr Alice Roberts married?

David StevensAlice Roberts / Spouse (m. 2000)

Roberts lives with her husband, David Stevens, and two children, a daughter born in 2010 and a son born in 2013. She met her husband in Cardiff in 1997 when she was a medical student and he was an archaeology student. They married in 2009.

What is Alice Roberts accent?

Professor Alice Roberts has a Bristolian/West Country accent.

What accent does Alice Roberts have?

Who lives at Longmeadow?

It’s glorious. Monty Don’s beautiful garden at his Herefordshire home — which was previously voted one of the UK’s most popular gardens on Instagram — is a glorious space.

Is Carol Klein gardener married?

Neil KleinCarol Klein / Spouse

Is Monty Don’s wife a gardener?

Sarah DonMonty Don / Wife (m. 1983)

Who is Monty married to?

Sarah DonMonty Don / Spouse (m. 1983)

Is the British back garden a miniature Serengeti?

The British back garden is a familiar setting, but underneath the peonies and petunias is a much wilder hidden world, a miniature Serengeti, with beauty and brutality in equal measure.

Is this the most innovative garden of the 20th century?

Great Dixter lays claim to being the most innovative, spectacular and provocative garden of the 20th century.

What’s the Secret Life of your garden’s smallest residents?

The secret lives of the gardens’ smallest residents are even weirder. The team finds male crickets that bribe females with food during sex, spiders that change colour to help catch prey, and life-and-death battles going on under our noses in the compost heap.