Are Griffin chargers Apple certified?

Are Griffin chargers Apple certified?

MFi-Certified, Trusted Engineering — And it’s MFi-certified—Apple’s seal of approval. You can trust that we engineered these cables to meet Apple’s performance standards to connect specifically to iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Are Griffin chargers good?

The reason to get a Griffin charging cable for any iPhone is that the cable itself is a lot thicker and lasts a lot longer. These cables are great for home or on the go use. Anyone who is tired of the sub par thin quality of Apples cables or the knockoffs, should get one of these. You won’t regret it!

Can I charge my iPhone in my car with USB?

If you buy a car charger with a USB port that you can plug into the cigarette lighter, charging is a breeze. You do, however, need a current of at least 2 amperes to charge your smartphone easily. The cigarette lighter can do this without a problem, but it’s a point to watch when you buy a car charger.

How do I know if my charger is Apple certified?

An Apple Lightning to USB cable has “Designed by Apple in California” and either “Assembled in China,” “Assembled in Vietnam,” or “Indústria Brasileira” on the cable about seven inches from the USB connector. You’ll see a 12-digit serial number at the end of this text.

Is car charger good for iPhone?

Both ports on the charger are USB-A and push out 2.4A. The cables and iPhone car charger are compatible with the iPhone 12 to the iPhone 5C, plus the iPad Air Mini and Pro models.

Is it OK to use duplicate iPhone charger?

They are generally safe to use. And they don’t have a chip (at least the ones I’ve used). The charger itself may regulate the current, but the cable itself doesn’t.

What brands are Apple Certified?

Our MFi cable recommendations

  • Apple Lightning to USB Cable.
  • Anker PowerLine Lightning Cable.
  • Belkin Lightning to USB Cable.
  • Nomad Kevlar Lightning Cable.
  • Satechi USB-C to Lightning Charging Cable.
  • Griffin Lightning Cable.
  • Mophie USB-A Cable with Lightning Connector.
  • Scosche Strikeline USB Type C-to-Lightning cable.

What happens if you use fake iPhone charger?

If you use a counterfeit or uncertified Lightning accessory, you could see these issues: Your iOS device could become damaged. The cable might be easily damaged. The connector end might fall off, get very hot, or might not fit properly into your device.