How much does a Honda FourTrax Recon cost?

How much does a Honda FourTrax Recon cost?

2021 Honda FourTrax Recon • $4,299 And there’s clearly a vehicle in your off-road toolbox that you’re going to come to depend on: the 2021 Honda FourTrax Recon. It’s not our biggest ATV, but it is one of our most versatile. Light and maneuverable, it won’t wear you out the way some larger ATVs can.

How much is a Honda Recon four wheeler worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $4,199 $3,765
Options (Add)
Total Price $4,199 $3,765

Is Honda FourTrax Recon 4 wheel drive?

A specially designed 250-class engine is engineered for plenty of low-rpm torque and power, where the real work gets done. Its two-wheel-drive design features Honda’s famous longitudinal engine layout for more efficient power transfer.

How fast does a Honda FourTrax recon go?

The top speed of the Honda Recon 250 is 45 mph. This rugged and tough machine will get you where you need to go and is a reliable vehicle for anyone who loves to explore the outdoors. Although the top speed is 45 mph, some have reported a bit higher, such as 46, 47, and even a max speed of 50 mph.

Is a Honda FourTrax 250 four wheel drive?

Dubbed “ATV of the Century” by 4-Wheel ATV Action Magazine, the 1986 Honda FourTrax 250 (a.k.a. TRX250) set the bar for current high-performance ATVs. Honda designed this four-wheeler not only to match Suzuki’s Quadracer but also for enthusiasts and expert riders seeking to ride the ultimate quad.

What is Honda FourTrax?

The Honda FourTrax 300 4×4 (or TRX300FW) is a ground-breaking high-performance ATV produced by Honda from 1988 to 2000. It featured a 282-cc air-cooled four-stroke mono-cylinder engine and boasted remarkable towing capabilities, 45 mph top speed, and 20 horsepower.

What years did they make the Honda Fourtrax 250?

The Honda TRX250R was a sport ATV manufactured by Honda between 1986 and 1989. It combined a lightweight frame and good handling, with a liquid-cooled two-stroke engine and six-speed close-ratio transmission.

Does Honda still make a foot shift four wheeler?

You can get Honda’s EPS on the Rancher 420 and still keep your foot-shift transmission and it’s called the TRX420FM2.

What years did they make the Honda Recon 250?

What size is FourTrax Recon?

75.0 in.

2021 Honda FourTrax Recon Specifications
Model Recon ES (TRX250TE)
Length 75.0 in.
Width 40.7 in.
Height 42.1 in.

What year is the Honda Recon ES made?

The FourTrax Recon ES is equipped with exclusive Electronic Shift Program (ESP), plush suspension, a rugged and robust 229cc engine and convenient electric start.

How much does the 2014 Honda FourTrax reacon cost?

As far as prices are concerned, the Honda FourTrax Recon can be yours for no less than $3,949 and comes with 1 year limited warranty. Hit the jump for more information on the 2014 Honda FourTrax Reacon.

What’s the Honda FourTrax recon fuel tank size?

The Honda FourTrax Recon weighs 432 pounds (wet) and is fitted with a 2.9 gallons fuel tank.

What kind of engine does a Honda FourTrax have?

Compact but strong, the Honda FourTrax Recon is a tough ATV that is able to deal well enough even with the tougher terrains. This 2WD ATV is propelled by a 229 cc, air-cooled, OHV, longitudinally mounted, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine. It is also worthy of being mentioned that the ATV is offered with a choice of two transmissions.

What kind of engine does a Honda Recon have?

So Honda built the Recon, a powerful ATV with a smaller footprint. Equipped with a 250cc-class engine, this 2WD workhorse delivers seamless, reliable power right when you need it. Its compact size helps you tackle those tighter trails some larger ATVs may struggle with.