Is Aberlour 12 non-chill filtered?

Is Aberlour 12 non-chill filtered?

The Aberlour distillery in Speyside produces two different 12 year old whiskies in its core range—the 12 Year Double Cask and the 12 Year Non Chill-Filtered (NCF).

Which whiskeys are non-chill filtered?

We Asked Bartenders To Name The Best Non-Chill-Filtered Whiskeys On The Market

  • Yamazaki 12-Year Single Malt Japanese Whisky.
  • Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon.
  • Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey.
  • Booker’s Bourbon.
  • Booker’s Shiny Barrel Batch Bourbon.
  • Russell’s Reserve 6 Year Rye.
  • Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon.

Is Aberlour a Bunadh chill filtered?

Like all of Aberlour’s single malts, A’Bunadh is non-chill filtered, which means all the fusels and oils can show up as a “clouding” agent or droplets if left to sit for several years or thrown in the freezer (don’t do that).

Is Aberlour 16 chill filtered?

Aberlour 16 is an unchallenging malt that offers a good representation of simple Speyside character. The presentation of the whisky is poor (bottled at the minimum ABV and chill filtered). Lacks the the complexity and clarity of flavor of many other single malts in the same price and age range.

Is Aberlour colored?

The Aberlour A’bunadh has a dark mahogany color with a pronounced copper and reddish hue. On the nose it has a strong spirit note, ample proof that at 59.6% ABV it has half again as much alcohol as the typical Scotch whisky.

What means non-chill filtered?

Whisky that has not undergone chill filtration, which consists of being cooled and passed through a filter in order to remove particles that would affect its cosmetic appearance.

Is Aberlour 16 peaty?

Aberlour is a Speyside distillery located near the confluence of the Lour and Spey rivers. Originally founded by James Gordon in 1826, since its rebuilding in 1879 it has used (very) lightly peated barley and wide-based, swan-necked stills.

What is non-chill filtered scotch?

What does chill-filtering do to whiskey?

All whiskey is filtered before bottling to remove particulate matter from the barrel. Chill-filtration is a more meticulous refining process, usually performed to remove chemical compounds like fatty acids that can clump together at low temperatures, creating a cloudiness or haze in the whiskey.

How do you drink Aberlour 12?

Drink It Like This: The profiles of this malt stand well on their feet without the support of chasers, so either drink this neat or with a tiny splash of water. Pair It With: A great whisky to drink with a decadent dessert. A rich chocolate torte or a creamy chocolate ganache cake both come to mind.