Is Christina trevillian still married?

Is Christina trevillian still married?

Trevillian is married but very private about her relationship, she has two daughters, and the oldest was born in 2012. She is a pet lover and would often be found in the company of her dog.

Who is Christina from Bargain Hunt married to?

WE all know Christina Trevanion as the well known face on the BBC show Bargain Hunt. Behind the camera the auctioneer is also a wife and a mother of two. Meet the Bargain Hunt presenter’s husband, Aaron Dean.

Is Christina Trevanion still on Antiques Road Trip?

On Antiques Road Trip, Christina regularly presents alongside fellow expert Timothy Medhurst and often features him on her social media as they film together.

Is Tim from bargain hunt married?

He has a “genuine love” for his job and is inspired by those he has worked with in the industry. But outside of work, he has discussed some of his other passions in life. The star is married to his wife Alexa, and they have two children, Albie and Bella.

Where is Christina Trevanion from?

Shropshire, United KingdomChristina Trevanion / Place of birth

Where was Christina Trevanion born?

Is Tim Medhurst married?

Tim Medhurst was supposed to date co-have, Irita Marriott from The Antiques Road Trip. In any case, he is as yet not wedded.

How old is Catherine Trevanion?

About 41 years (June 1981)Christina Trevanion / Age

Who owns Trevanion and Dean auction house?

Christina Trevanion
Shropshire auction house Trevanion & Dean has taken on four new members of staff as joint founder Aaron Dean has chosen to leave and Christina Trevanion has taken on sole ownership of the firm. The staff of Trevanion & Dean. Christina Trevanion, who has taken on sole ownership of the firm Trevanion & Dean.

Is Tim Medhurst married to Irita Marriott?

Why did Thomas plant change his name?

‘ While the reason for his name change has yet to be confirmed, one theory is that Thomas decided to change it after getting into a relationship with Jessica Forrester, who is also an antiques expert.

Is Christina Trevanion Welsh?

Christina Helen Johanne Trevanion (born 12 June 1981) is a British auctioneer and television presenter….Christina Trevanion.

Christina Helen Johanne Trevanion
Nationality English
Alma mater Southampton Solent University
Occupation Auctioneer, Television presenter
Height 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)

Is Natasha Raskin still married?

Want to know more? Keep reading… Natasha, 35, has been married to husband Joe Sharp for six years. The pair tied the knot in 2016 in a small ceremony in Scotland after striking up a romance behind the scenes of the BBC daytime show where Joe works as a producer and director.

Why did Thomas Forrester change his name?

“Thomas has been Thomas Forrester for some time now so to avoid any further confusion he decided it was high time his details were updated,” The company explained. “Of course, those of you who know him as Thomas Plant will always call him as such, for the avoidance of doubt he is in fact one in the same!”

Is Christina Trevanion divorced?

Christina Trevanion Divorce Rumors. Trevanion is a very personal individual regarding her private life. The only information about her is that she’s a married woman and a mother of two. On the 6th of December, 2020, the BBC presenter and expert auctioneer left her followers shocked as she tweeted about divorce on her social media account.

Is Antiques Road Trip star Christina Trevanion married?

Christina Trevanion has become known for her expert antiques knowledge on Bargain Hunt, as well as Antiques Road Trip. But what has she spoken of her family life? Is Christina married? Is Christina Trevanion married? Christina is married with two daughters, although she prefers to keep her life away from the screen private.

What does Christina Trevanion do for a living?

Her Family, Net Worth & Facts Fascinated by her mother’s auction addiction, Christina Trevanion developed a keen interest in the same profession at a very young age. Her specialties lay in the areas of gold and silver jewelry, 20th-century decorative arts, costumes, textiles, and ceramics.

Who is Christina Trevanion from Bargain Hunt?

TV presenter Christina Trevanion reached the height of popularity after BBC ’s show Bargain Hunt. She is considered to be an expert in the fields of antiques and auctions amongst the BBC daytime TV community. The 39 years old auctioneer was born in 1981 and she hails from Shropshire, United Kingdom.