Is The Magic Flute a serious opera?

Is The Magic Flute a serious opera?

While Orpheus is a serious opera written for court performance in the early Baroque style, The Magic Flute (1791), composed nearly two hundred years later, is a comic opera created for commercial, public performance, and it exemplifies the pinnacle of the Classical style.

What kind of opera is The Magic Flute?

The Magic Flute was an innovative opera form called singspiel (similar to our Broadway musicals) that incorporated both singing and spoken dialogue. The opera combines comedy, farce, romance, fairy tale, Egyptian mythology, and Masonic elements.

How long is Magic Flute opera Metropolitan Opera?

two hours
A beloved holiday tradition continues as Mozart’s delightful fairy tale returns in the Met’s abridged, English-language version for families, perfect for younger audiences, with no intermission and a running time of less than two hours.

What is the message of the opera The Magic Flute?

Its story celebrates the main themes of masonry: good vs. evil, enlightenment vs. ignorance, and the virtues of knowledge, justice, wisdom and truth.

What makes The Magic Flute special?

Whilst unmistakably classical, The Magic Flute’s arias, duets and ensembles are each unique in style. As well as painting a vivid picture of each character, the music reflects the skills and abilities of the original performers back in 1791.

Is The Magic Flute a soprano?

“Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen” (“Hell’s vengeance boils in my heart”), commonly abbreviated “Der Hölle Rache”, is an aria sung by the Queen of the Night, a coloratura soprano part, in the second act of Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflöte).

Is The Magic Flute opera buffa?

Rossini’s Il barbiere di Siviglia, Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro, and Donizetti’s L’elisir d’amore are all opera buffa; Mozart’s The Magic Flute is likely the most famous Singpiel, and Berlioz’s Béatrice et Bénédict and Donizetti’s La fille du régiment are opéras comiques.

Is The Magic Flute family friendly?

Mozart lovers might be jarred by the trims that get “The Magic Flute” down to a 100-minute family-friendly, English-language version at the Metropolitan Opera. But there’s much to be said for this holiday presentation, a feature of many recent Decembers for the company.

Is The Magic Flute kid friendly?

It’s fun and great for kids, easy to understand, and in English.” The Magic Flute, written in 1791, has a complicated plot and concerns a fight between good and evil.

How many arias are in The Magic Flute?

Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem…Dies Bildnis ist bezaubern…In diesen heil’gen HallenO Isis und OsirisO zittre nicht, mein lieber SohnPapagena! Papagena! Papagena!
The Magic Flute/Arias

What is the mood of the music The Magic Flute?

The mood in The Magic Flute is often solemn, but Mozart was a great dramatist. He knew his story would benefit from a little comic relief. The opera’s lightest moments come courtesy of the bird catcher, Papageno, Tamino’s nutty sidekick.

Can children watch opera?

Kids will love the opera for its fairy tale nature, and adults will adore it for its lush, almost Wagnerian orchestral writing and captivating story. Originally in German, companies frequently perform it in English.

Who are the main character in The Magic Flute?

PapagenoQueen of the NightSarastroMonostatosTaminoThird Lady
The Magic Flute/Characters

What is the plot of The Magic Flute?

The Magic Flute tells the story of Tamino, a prince who must undergo a series of tests, accompanied by his goofy sidekick Papageno, in order to marry the princess Pamina. Alongside the priest Sarastro, Tamino, Papageno, and Pamina battle Pamina’s mother, the evil and mysterious Queen of the Night.

What is the story of The Magic Flute?

“O Isis und Osiris” (O Isis and Osiris) – Sarastro,scene 1

  • “Alles fühlt der Liebe Freuden” (All feel the joys of love) – Monostatos,scene 3
  • ” Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen ” (Hell’s vengeance boils in my heart) – The Queen of the Night,scene 3
  • “In diesen heil’gen Hallen” (Within these sacred halls) – Sarastro,scene 3
  • Who are the characters in The Magic Flute?

    Josef Köstlinger – Tamino

  • Britt-Marie Aruhn[sv]; Kirsten Vaupel[sv]; Birgitta Smiding[sv]– Three Ladies
  • Håkan Hagegård – Papageno
  • Birgit Nordin – Queen of the Night
  • Irma Urrila – Pamina
  • Ragnar Ulfung – Monostatos
  • Ulrik Cold – Sarastro
  • Elisabeth Erikson[sv]– Papagena
  • Erik Saedén – Speaker
  • Gösta Prüzelius – First Priest
  • What genre of opera is The Magic Flute?

    The genre of the Zauberoper, “magic opera” or “fairty-tale opera” was, then, at the height of its popularity, and Schikaneder begged Mozart to help him cash in on the current fashion. To an extent, then, the plot line of The Magic Flute was already set by these earlier precedents.