How good is MH755?

How good is MH755?

The MH755 is fun to listen to, has good timbre and tonal balance for its price and is often described as a “wonder” for many. I really love the sub-bass that MH755 has, it creates that rumble that can really satisfy my sonic cravings and it just became my go-to when it comes to songs with low bass.

Does Sony MH755 have mic?

The Sony MH755 are middling for office use. They don’t have any controls, have a very short cable, and lack a mic, which can be a little frustrating if you need to take calls.

Does Sony make Iems?

Yep. EXCITE. Typing this out as fast as I can, but, yes, Sony have created a new line of in-ear monitors that are on the custom side.

What is the mh755?

The MH755 is an IEM that serves as a challenge to my preconceptions on what a budget IEM is truly capable of. It is truly an accident in the most positive sense of the word, and I yearn for the day that another rises to challenge me once again.

How much does a Sony mh755 cost?

The MH755 houses 1 Dynamic Driver and I bought it at about 12 USD (including shipping etc) at the time of my purchase, however its pricing may vary depending on sellers since Sony does not sell it on its own. It is also important to note that there are many fakes out there so do check out for its authenticity before any purchases are made.

Does the Sony mh755 sound like Harman’s Harman?

But somehow, with the MH755, Sony came up with a smooth frequency response that closely follows Harman’s latest crowd-pleasing target. (That is, if you consider a sample with less bass.)

What is the best tip for a Sony mh755?

Gray: stock Sony MH755 medium silicone tip. As expected, Comply foam effectively damps the ear canal’s half-wavelength resonance, so there is no peak near 8 kHz. The big drawback is that it kills the response in the top octave while introducing a peak near 4.5 kHz.