Is a Bond Arms derringer worth it?

Is a Bond Arms derringer worth it?

Bond Arms manufactures high-quality, reliable derringers. They’re fun to shoot although I do recommend moderation but they have some uses, too. They make great little guns for snakes while hunting and can certainly be used as backup guns if that’s your jam.

Are Bond Arms derringers safe to carry?

The Bond Arms uses a rebounding and locking hammer and a cross bolt safety. Once fired, the hammer pulls away from the firing pin and locks in that position. If the gun is dropped, it won’t fire. This makes it safe for unconventional carry.

Is Bond Arms A good gun?

Beyond the impeccable quality, fit, and finish, the Bond Arms handguns are rock solid dependable defensive firearm. With that noted, it is still a beautiful pistol that is fully capable—with some practice—for self-defense, and one which I carry proudly.

Are Bond Arms +P rated?

The 9mm loads were kept to standard-pressure configurations for the same reasons, although Bond Arms approves its 9mm barrels for +P ammo.

Are Bond Arms barrels rifled?

410 shells, then the dedicated . 45 Colt barrels are the way to go. Available in all four Bond barrel sizes, these models contain rifling that continues the entire length of the bore. If you need to deal with venomous vipers, Bond Arms’ customers have reported that CCI Ammunition’s .

Is the Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV well made?

I bought a Snake Slayer IV several years ago, and admire it every time I see it. It is exceptionally well made! This morning, I visited the Bond Arms website, and I felt compelled to write this testimonial.

What kind of barrel does Snake Slayer IV use?

Snake Slayer IV easier to handle, and best of all, all Bond Arms interchangeable barrels fit this frame. Versatile, compact and potent, the Snake Slayer IV is constructed of stainless steel with a satin polish finish.

What is the difference between the Snake Slayer and Snake Slayer IV?

Snake Slayer IV. The Snake Slayer IV has a 4.25″ barrel (versus 3.5″ on the standard Snake Slayer). The longer barrel on the SSIV provides tighter shot patterns, higher velocities, and even more manageable recoil than the original Snake Slayer.

What is the best back up gun for Snake Slayer?

Snake Slayer 45/410, 3.5” BackUp: Sweet Gun HELL YEAH! The Best Out Of The Box Perfect Pure Quality Ranger 2 Texas Defender, 1st Firing Patriot The Power, Security & Safety of Bond Arms HELL YEAH! My BackUp My Side Match Toy Proud Owners of a Bond Carrying and Shooting Derringers, Bond Arms and Others Small With a Big Punch – Ranger II