What are salient factors?

What are salient factors?

/ˈseɪ.li.ənt/ The salient facts about something or qualities of something are the most important things about them: She began to summarize the salient features/points of the proposal.

What does expressively mean?

Showing or communicating meaning or feeling effectively: an expressive glance.

Where is the salient?

A salient in military terms is a battlefield feature that projects into an opponent’s territory and is surrounded on three sides, making the occupying troops vulnerable.

How do you spell Winsomely?

WINSOMELY | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary.

Why is it called a salient?

Salient first popped up in English as a word referring to the act of leaping. It is from the Latin verb salire, which means “to leap.” Today, salient is usually used to describe things that “leap out,” such as the salient features of a painting or the salient points in an argument.

What is a salience example?

Salience is a critical low level cognitive ability that supports situational awareness. For example, a driver going at 40 miles per hour who is able to quickly focus on relevant things such as pedestrians, bicycles, vehicles and traffic lights from a fast moving stream of visual information.

What does Intentive mean?

Paying attention; attentive, heedful
intentive (comparative more intentive, superlative most intentive) Paying attention; attentive, heedful. quotations ▼ Intent (of the mind, thoughts etc.).

How do you use inventiveness?

Inventiveness sentence example We keep Bullseye’s coldness and his inventiveness as an assassin but not his costume or his long-standing grudge against DD. This placed it at the forefront of technology and the Camborne, Redruth and Hayle area in particular became a melting pot of inventiveness.

Is Winsomely a word?

Meaning of winsomely in English in a way that is attractive and pleasing, with simple qualities : She plays the winsomely beautiful daughter of a businessman. He smiled winsomely, but Tessa stared coldly back.

Is Winsome a name?

The name Winsome is girl’s name of English origin meaning “agreeable, lighthearted”.