What is a live edge mantle?

What is a live edge mantle?

“Live” means the edge appears to be natural and untouched. Mantels on this page can be between 3″ to 12″ in thickness. These sizable accent pieces are ideal for open areas with high ceilings and lots of natural lighting.

How thick should a live edge mantle be?

around 3.5 to 4 inches thick
Most live edge style mantels are around 3.5 to 4 inches thick. There are five common styles of mantels that are popular to make.

What is the best wood for a mantel?

Maple. If you want a fireplace mantel shelf that has a light brown color, maple is the right choice for you. It is well known for having tightly packed and very strong grains that can take a lot of pressure and handle sanding and finishing well.

What size is a typical mantel?

The majority of mantels we sell are from 66”-78”, but we make every mantel custom to your unique space. Mantel Face Height: Is your fireplace in a large or small room? A mantel with a 6” Face Height can stand its ground in a large home, however, it can overpower a smaller space.

How far should a mantel stick out?

A mantel should stick out at least 6 inches (15.24cm) from the wall. It’s the perfect depth that allows you to have a mantle effectively deflect heat without compromising aesthetics. You can extend it to have more depth for your decorative pieces, but we don’t recommend having it less than 6 inches (15.24cm).

How far above the fireplace should a mantle be?

about 12 inches
As a general rule, the mantel is placed about 12 inches above the fireplace opening. Then adding an inch to the distance for every inch that the mantel protrudes. So a mantel 6 inches deep, would be attached 18 inches above the firebox opening.

What is code for a fireplace mantel?

The National Fire Code dictates that any combustible material (e.g., wood mantel or similar trim) must be at least six inches from the firebox opening. An additional inch of clearance is needed for every 1/8 inch the combustible material or trim protrudes.