What is the use of dendrimer?

What is the use of dendrimer?

Due to their size, dendrimers are used in nanomedicine research. They are found to be useful as delivery or carrier systems for drugs and genes, but studies have shown that some dendrimers have medicinal uses of their own, mostly due to their antifungal, antibacterial and cytotoxic properties [5,6].

What is dendrimer generation?

Dendrimers are generally prepared using either a divergent method or a convergent one [38]. In the different methods, dendrimer grows outward from a multifunctional core molecule. The core molecule reacts with monomer molecules containing one reactive and two dormant groups, giving the first-generation dendrimer.

Which of the following is not a component of dendrimer?

3. Which of the following is not a component of dendrimer? Explanation: The dendrimer has three components,i.e. central core, interior dendritic structure and the exterior surface. No stem is present in the dendrimer.

What is the meaning of Pan Am?

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What is Phbv and its uses?

Polyhydroxy butyrate -CO- β-hydroxy valerate is commonly known as PHBV. It is a copolymer. It is a useful polymer that is biodegradable and prevents environmental pollution. PHBV is used in speciality packaging, orthopaedic devices and in the controlled release of drugs.

Are dendrimers hydrophobic?

The internal architecture of a dendrimer is usually hydrophobic due to hydrophobic interactions and hydrogen bond formations and is suitable for encapsulating hydrophobic drugs/bio-actives (Medina and El-Sayed, 2009).

What is lipophilic and hydrophilic?

hydrophilic (water-soluble) and partly lipophilic (soluble in lipids, or oils). It concentrates at the interfaces between bodies or droplets of water and those of oil, or lipids, to act as an emulsifying agent, or foaming agent.

What are polar drugs?

Gentamicin, vancomycin, and calcitonin are polar drugs that have poor oral availability. Gentamicin is a broad-spectrum aminoglycoside antibiotic (Mr 550) and vancomycin is a glycopeptide antibiotic that has important utility in fighting antibiotic-resistant Gram-positive bacterial infections (Mr 1,400).

Who founded Pan Am?

Juan TrippeCornelius Vanderbilt Whitney
Pan Am/Founders

What is the nomenclature of dendrimer chemistry?

Dendrimer chemistry, as other specialized research fields, has its own terms and abbreviations. Furthermore, a more brief structural nomenclature is applied to describe the different chemical events taking place at the dendrimer surface.

What do we know about dendrimers?

About dendrimers: structure, physical properties, and applications. Chem Rev. 1999;9:1665–1688. [PubMed] [Google Scholar] Tomalia DA. Birth of a new macromolecular architecture: dendrimers as quantized building blocks for nanoscale synthetic organic chemistry.

What are the applications of dendrimers in supramolecular chemistry?

Dendrimers have gained a broad range of applications in supramolecular chemistry, particularly in host-guest reactions and self-assembly processes. Dendrimers are characterized by special features that make them promising candidates for a lot of applications. Dendrimers are highly defined artificial macromolecules,…

How to synthesize a dendrimer?

Dendrimers can be synthesized using divergent, convergent and double-exponential methods. Through this review, we will be mainly focusing on the structure, components, synthesis methods and applications of Dendrimers.