Which side of Fel-Pro intake gasket goes up?

Which side of Fel-Pro intake gasket goes up?

“TOP” or “THIS SIDE UP” means that’s the side of the gasket that should be facing you once it’s installed. This stamp is found on Fel-Pro head gaskets for Subaru engines (which have horizontally opposed cylinders). The edge of the gasket with the “UP” stamp must be kept up toward the top of the engine block.

Which way do Fel-Pro intake gaskets go?

There are no directional markings on the gaskets. When installing Fel-Pro exhaust manifold gaskets, if there is a smooth, metallic side and a composite side, the metallic side should be installed facing out, meaning toward the exhaust manifold.

Do I use sealant on Fel-Pro gaskets?

Installing Fel-Pro Head Gaskets Use no sealers, adhesives or other additives with these gaskets. Learn more about Fel-Pro quality gaskets that are specifically designed for the repair environment, find your car part, or find where to buy your auto part today.

Should you RTV intake gasket?

Please note that RTV is not to be used on the entire gasket; the gasket should be installed clean and dry. RTV should only be used on the corners of the gasket and/or stepped casting areas that have a gap. Using a small amount of RTV will fill in those areas to assure a leak-free assembly.

Which RTV for intake manifold?

Edelbrock Part #1076 high quality RTV silicone 3 oz. is for use with intake manifold installations. This oil resistant sealant is fast curing, sensor-safe, low-odor, non-corrosive and meets performance’s specs of OE silicone gaskets.

Do you use Permatex on intake manifold gaskets?

Permatex OPTIMUM Black Gasket Maker provides maximum resistance to oil and shop fluids. It is sensor safe, low odor, and noncorrosive. Key applications include valve covers, oil pans, intake manifold seals, and timing gear covers.

What is the best RTV to use on intake manifold?

Can I use gasket maker on intake manifold?

What is a Fel Pro manifold gasket?

Intake Manifold Gaskets Most Fel-Pro ® Performance intake manifold gaskets are designed without a metal core, to allow engine builders to trim the gasket for exact fit on modified ports. The base gasket material resists coolant, gasoline, alcohol and oil.

Do I need to use a sealant with a Fel-Pro gasket?

In cases where a sealant is needed for installation of a Fel-Pro gasket, a FIT® Form will be included, along with the proper sealant. Only apply the sealant in the manner and locations directed.

What is Felfel-pro?

Fel-Pro’s proprietary rubber resists all fluids and features multiple sealing beads that provide additional sealing and compensate for rough corroded gasket flange surfaces. To ensure these technologies work in the way they were designed to, these intake manifold gaskets must be installed on a clean, dry surface with no additional sealants used.

How do you apply RTV sealant to intake manifold gasket?

Only apply the sealant in the manner and locations directed. Intake manifold gasket sets may contain a small tube of RTV. This RTV is not to be used on the gasket face, but rather where the bottom corners of the gasket meet the end seals to fill the gap.