Can Yojimbo kill Dark Valefor?

Can Yojimbo kill Dark Valefor?

If his Strength is high enough, Wakka can take Dark Valefor out with a single full volley of Attack Reels. Yuna can summon Anima and use her Overdrive Oblivion, or Tidus can use his Overdrive Blitz Ace or Slice & Dice. As with any other enemy, Dark Valefor can be killed instantly by the aeon Yojimbo’s Zanmato.

How much should I pay Yojimbo to kill?

To obtain Yojimbo for the cheapest price, the player should select the third option, “To defeat the most powerful of enemies”. He will ask for 250,000 gil, but the player should offer 125,001 (50% of his offer) gil. Yojimbo will counter with 225,000 gil, and the player should offer 157,500 (70% of his offer) gil.

How much Gil should I give Yojimbo?

How much should I pay Yojimbo in battle?

How do you use zanmato in Yojimbo?

Zanmato is also used as an enemy ability by both Yojimbo and Dark Yojimbo when their Overdrive meters are full. When used by the regular Yojimbo, it will inflict 9,999 damage to the entire party, which can be avoided by sacrificing an aeon or by having Auto-Life on the party, or simply having 10,000 or more HP.

How to kill dark aeon?

How to kill dark aeon easy! 1. First you need Yojimbo – bonus Aeon which you can get in a cave between Calm lands and Mt. Gagazet (look for the bridge and go under).

How do I beat zanmato as Yuna?

The most effective way to survive it is to defeat Dark Yojimbo before it gets to use its Overdrive or to have Yuna summon an Aeon to take the blow of Zanmato. Focus on using Quick Hit to get as many attacks in as you can.

What is zanmato in Final Fantasy X 2?

Zanmato used in Final Fantasy X-2. Zanmato (斬魔刀, Zanmatō?, lit. Slashing Demon Blade) is a recurring ability in the series, and is the trademark attack of the summon Yojimbo. It performs similarly to the trademark attack of the summon Odin, Zantetsuken, in that it inflicts Instant Death to all enemies.