Did the Apollo 11 astronauts have life insurance?

Did the Apollo 11 astronauts have life insurance?

But before Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins could take the space shuttle ‘Apollo 11’ to Moon, they had another grave problem to solve. “They had no life insurance coverage.” Back then, an astronaut used to earn $17,000 and a life insurance policy, would cost $50,000, an exorbitant amount to pay.

How much is astronaut insurance?

Despite the lack of PR fanfare surrounding insuring the Apollo 11, backing was found to insure the crew of the Apollo 12 mission for $50,000 each. Accounting for inflation, that’s around $316,000 per astronaut as of February, 2017. Of course, the practice of signing covers continued as well.

Why didn’t the television networks cover the launch of Apollo 13?

People didn’t care anymore and none of the major networks carried their broadcast. Even mission control in Houston asked them to end it early because there was a baseball game on. Right after the crew ended the broadcast, the explosion happened. People started to care then.

Who provided the commentary for the live TV coverage of Apollo 11?

Walter Cronkite, anchoring the CBS network coverage of the Apollo 11 mission, was initially left speechless. Eventually he managed to exclaim, “Man on the Moon!…

What insurance do astronauts have?

The Apollo insurance covers are autographed postal covers signed by the astronaut crews prior to their mission. The insurance covers began with Apollo 11 and ended with Apollo 16.

What kind of life insurance do astronauts have?

The Americans who died aboard the space shuttle Columbia were eligible for the standard life insurance offered to military personnel and federal employees, but NASA carried no special coverage specifically for astronauts, officials say.

Who insured the moon landing?

1969: We insured the moon landing. On 12 July, Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael Collins signed applications for space travel accident insurance that insured the first manned mission to the moon.

Do astronauts get life insurance?

NASA astronauts are eligible for government life insurance programs, a NASA spokesperson said in an emailed response.

Who insures Jeff Bezos?

XINSURANCE OFFERS SPACE INSURANCE TO JEFF BEZOS AND BLUE ORIGIN PASSENGERS. Salt Lake City, June 29, 2021 – XINSURANCE – a leading nationwide specialty lines liability insurance company – today offered to insure Jeff Bezos and his five Blue Origin passengers during the upcoming high-profile rocket flight in July.

Did Travelers insure the Titanic?

1912: A large number of passengers aboard the Titanic had insurance with Travelers, including a number of prominent US businessmen. We paid out $1.1m to beneficiaries in accident claims and life insurance benefits.