How can I buy data in Vietnam?

How can I buy data in Vietnam?

You’ll find dozens of kiosks selling SIM cards as soon as you exit the baggage claim area in any of Vietnam’s international airports.

  1. The easiest place is to buy a SIM card in Vietnam is at the airport.
  2. A Vietnamese SIM card and prepaid data package should cost you between 150,000-350,000 VND ($6.50-$15 USD)

How can I check my Mobifone balance?

5)TO CHECK YOUR BALANCE , press *101# , then will also ve a beep beep message…

How do I get a SIM card in Vietnam?

A Vietnamese SIM card can be found anywhere on the streets on carts, at any phone shop, credit kiosk and at the airport on arrival. If you are travelling to Vietnam, it is recommended to get your SIM card at the arrivals at the airport as all the packages are friendly for travellers.

How can I find a mobile number in Vietnam?

For finding out your Viettel phone number you need to dial the code *098# and press call button. The pop-up form will show up on the screen of your phone and your Viettel phone number will be provided on the first line of it.

How do I top up Mobifone?

To top up your Mobifone plan simply select the amount you need and enter your phone number. You can pay with many trusted payment methods, such as PayPal. When the payment is complete, your balance will be topped up immediately! Top up your mobile plan on

How fast is Internet in Vietnam?

Speedtest Intelligence® reveals Vinaphone was the fastest mobile operator among top providers in Vietnam in Q1 2022 with a median download speed of 42.43 Mbps….Fastest Providers.

42.43 Vinaphone 40.61 Viettel 0

How much is Internet in Vietnam?

Accordingly, Vietnam ranks 12th in the world, 6th in Asia and 1st in Southeast Asia in terms of low internet service rates. Average users in Vietnam spend US$11.27 (equivalent to VND260,000) for a month on Internet connection.

Is YouTube blocked in Vietnam?

When some sites such as Facebook and YouTube are considered by the media representatives in Vietnam to be blocked due to economic reasons because accounting for 70%–80% of international bandwidth runs through without bringing profits to the home.

Is the WiFi good in Vietnam?

Vietnam’s internet speed is much slower than other Asian countries. Based on the Speedtest Global Index, in January 2021, Vietnam ranked 59th in fixed broadband and 62nd in global mobile speed.

What apps do Vietnamese use?

80% of smartphone users in Vietnam have Zalo installed on their phones, ahead of Facebook Messenger which comes in at second place with 73%. Viber and Skype are used by around 4 in 10 Vietnamese smartphone users, with Line being used by around 2 in 10, and Yahoo and Tango being used by around 1 in 10.