How do I find previous versions in svn?

How do I find previous versions in svn?

On the file, simply right-click => Team => Switch to another branch/tag/revision. Besides the revision field, you click select, and you’ll see all the versions of that file.

What is difference between branches and trunk?

A trunk in SVN is main development area, where major development happens. A branch in SVN is sub development area where parallel development on different functionalities happens. After completion of a functionality, a branch is usually merged back into trunk.

Why you shouldn’t commit directly to master?

Not committing to master prevents colliding commits and having to merge each time 2 people change the same file.

What are the revision and build numbers in the Subversion repository?

Our team uses the third number (revision) as the revision number from the Subversion repository. We use the fourth number (build) as the build number from our TeamCity continuous integration server which actually creates the build.

What is the difference between a revision and a build number?

Build: A difference in build number represents a recompilation of the same source. Different build numbers might be used when the processor, platform, or compiler changes. Revision: Assemblies with the same name, major, and minor version numbers but different revisions are intended to be fully interchangeable.

What is the difference between minor and revision?

MINOR is a minor release (perhaps some new features) on a previous major release REVISION is usually a fix for a previous minor release (no new functionality) BUILDNUMBER is incremented for each latest build of a revision. For example, a revision may be released to QA (quality control), and they come back with an issue which requires a change.

What is the difference between minor and major number in Git?

Provides an option to increment the minor number. Whenever the major number is incremented, the minor and revision numbers are set to 0. Whenever the minor number is incremented, the revision number is set to 0. Creates a variable based on the git revision number (like a subversion revision number).