How many seasons of Pie In The Sky were made?

How many seasons of Pie In The Sky were made?

Includes all five series of this much-loved police drama series.

How many episodes are there of Pie In The Sky?

40Pie in the Sky / Number of episodes

What happened to Cambridge out of Pie In The Sky?

Video Unavailable. Actor Richard Griffiths, best known for his roles in The History Boys, Withnail & I and Pie In The Sky, has died. He died of complications following heart surgery at the University Hospital of Coventry and Warwickshire. He was 65.

What happened to Cambridge out of Pie in the Sky?

What happened to Cambridge in Pie In The Sky?

Who played Hilary Smallwood in Pie In The Sky?

Helena McCarthy
“Pie in the Sky” Black Pudding (TV Episode 1995) – Helena McCarthy as Hilary Smallwood – IMDb.

What happened to Cambridge out of pie in the sky?

Who played Hilary Smallwood in pie in the sky?

What is Bella Enahoro doing now?

Bella is the Director of WriteBounty, a Fulham-based Creative Writing organisation designed to empower individuals through creativity. This year they have successfully organised writing workshops for the Hammersmith and Fulham Arts Festival, London’s annual City Read, Kensington and Chelsea.

Who played Sally in Pie In The Sky?

Career. Thomason first came to prominence on British television in the fifth series of Pie in the Sky (1997) playing the waitress, Sally, in eight episodes. She went on to appear in Playing the Field and Where the Heart Is (both 1998), as well as in the first series of the BBC Three drama Burn It (2003).

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Where is Marsha Thomason now?

She secured a series of roles in highprofile TV shows and a starring film role as Eddie Murphy’s love interest. But Mancunian Marsha is now back on home turf, playing the lead in ITV’s Lancashire-based crime thriller The Bay, taking over from Morven Christie in the third series, which starts tomorrow night.

How old is Marsha Thompson?

46 years (January 19, 1976)Marsha Thomason / Age

Where is Anthony Enahoro from?

Uromi, NigeriaAnthony Enahoro / Place of birthUromi, the real word is Urọnmhun meaning “this is my abode “, or my enclave is a city located in north-eastern Esan, a sub-ethnic group of the Benin in Edo state, Nigeria. At various points in Uromi’s history, the city and people have been an important part of the Benin Empire. Wikipedia

What is Marsha Thomason nationality?

BritishMarsha Thomason / Nationality

How many seasons of pie in the sky are there?

5 seasons54321See all 4 years1997199619951994See all Videos1 Trailer 0:34 Pie in the Sky Trailer – Season 1 Photos63 Top cast Edit Richard Griffiths Henry Crabbeas Henry Crabbe

What is the plot of pie in the sky?

The protagonist, Henry Crabbe, while still being an on-duty, “semi-retired” policeman (much against his will), is also the head chef at his wife’s restaurant “Pie in the Sky”, set in the fictional town of Middleton and county of Westershire. The premise for the show is set up in the first episode (“The Best of Both Worlds”).

Who played Jenny Drabble in pie in the sky?

Caroline Loncq played Jenny Drabble for 3 episodes (1996–1997). One of Henry’s heroes, the (fictional) food writer Hilary Smallwood (the other being Alexis Soyer), is modelled on Elizabeth David. Read more about this topic: Pie In The Sky (TV Series)

Who is the owner of pie in the sky?

Thus Crabbe opens the restaurant Pie in the Sky, along with his wife Margaret who is technically the business owner. Henry works as there as a Chef, but is obliged to work on police cases when Fisher needs him.