What HTML tags are supported in Outlook?

What HTML tags are supported in Outlook?

List of supported HTML tags in emails

  • a: href, title, name, style, id, class, shape, coords, alt, target.
  • b: style, id, class.
  • br: style, id, class.
  • big: style, id, class.
  • blockquote: title, style, id, class.
  • caption: style, id, class.
  • code: style, id, class.
  • del: title, style, id, class.

How do I code an HTML email in Outlook?


  1. Create an HTML template, use existing HTML code, or search for a pre-formatted HTML template.
  2. Insert the HTML file into your Outlook email message. View written steps.
  3. (Optional) Send a test HTML message and improve, if needed.
  4. Send the final version of your HTML message to your Office 365 Group or Google Group .

Which tag used for email in HTML?

The defines a field for an e-mail address. The input value is automatically validated to ensure it is a properly formatted e-mail address. To define an e-mail field that allows multiple e-mail addresses, add the “multiple” attribute. Tip: Always add the tag for best accessibility practices!

How do I save an Outlook signature as HTML?

Now that you have the HTML code you want, you should save your signature as an HTML file. It’s quite easy: Paste the signature’s HTML code to a simple word processing tool, like Notepad and click File > Save as.

How do I copy an HTML signature into Outlook?

Download and open the ‘mc-sig. htm’ file in your browser, press CTRL + A to select the signature, then press CTRL + C to copy the signature.

What is a HTML signature?

An HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) signature is a piece of text appearing at the bottom of your online message. It is different from the simple and common, plain text by an ability to display images in different sizes, colors, and shapes, add tracking links, lines, or dots other design elements.

How do I create a signature for Outlook?

How to set up your email signature on iOS and Android

  1. Download the Outlook app and sign in.
  2. Tap the Outlook icon in the upper left corner.
  3. Tap the Settings gear icon in the bottom left.
  4. Scroll down and choose Signature.
  5. Tap Signature and clear the message field.
  6. Type in your name and/or contact information.

What is HTML em?

: The Emphasis element. The HTML element marks text that has stress emphasis. The element can be nested, with each level of nesting indicating a greater degree of emphasis.

How do I add an HTML signature to Outlook Web?

Hover over the settings icon and select the ‘Options’ menu. Select Email signature from within the Sub-Menu ‘Layout’ in Mail Options. Paste your signature using CTRL + V into the text area box as shown in the right.