What is Cerner Millennium database?

What is Cerner Millennium database?

Cerner Millennium database is a relational OLTP database in the 3rd normal form (with some tables being an exception from this rule). Cerner calls its database design “person-centric” because. at its core are individuals-patients and associated information that is broader than a single episode or encounter of care.

Is Cerner Millennium an EMR or EHR?

Whether you refer to it as an electronic health record (EHR), electronic patient record (EPR) or electronic medical record (EMR), it all boils down to one thing – having a single source of truth for your patients’ information. Our EHR is Cerner Millennium, and it is the basis for all our core clinical solutions.

What is Cerner charting system?

What is Cerner? Cerner is a cloud-based EHR software used by health organizations of various sizes and specialties to streamline their operations and provide greater healthcare. It offers charting, documentation, revenue management and health analytics.

What type of database does Cerner use?

All Cerner Millennium health information technology solutions use CCL/Discern Explorer to select from, insert into, update into and delete from a Cerner Millennium database. CCL allows a programmer to fetch data from an Oracle database and display it as the user wants to see.

What is Cerner documentation?

Cerner Enterprise Document Management solutions help create an all-encompassing, patient-centric electronic health record and provide access, within the workflow, to the information needed to make informed clinical and operational decisions.

What kind of system is Cerner?

Cerner EMRs Electronic medical records (EMR) software also known as electronic health record (EHR) software, makes it possible to automate a medical practice’s clinical operations, such as documenting diagnoses and medications. Cerner has an EMR system to fit the needs of every type of healthcare provider.

What coding language does Cerner use?

Cerner Command Language
Cerner Command Language, aka CCL, aka Discern Explorer, is a database query and scripting language used with Cerner Millennium databases. CCL Unit is a unit testing framework for CCL.

What are Cerner MPages?

what is mpages? Cerner offers MPages as way to customize the display of Cerner Millennium data at the Organizer or Chart level within the PowerChart framework. MPages is a combination of two technologies; CCL and HTML. The PowerChart framework allows the creation of custom components based on user role.

What are the features of Cerner?


  • Comprehensive suite of analytics solutions.
  • Breadth of clinical documentation tools.
  • Dragon Voice Recognition.
  • Longitudinal record.
  • Top patient experience through patient portal and patient education.
  • Seamless integration with revenue cycle solutions and services.

What makes Cerner unique?

Cerner offers built-in integration and interoperability features. It strives to provide the best integration, for which it has built three different platforms that integrate. In connection to other external systems, they provide operational, clinical, and financial data. Cerner offers interoperability in multiple ways.

What is Cerner Millennium®?

Cerner Millennium® is our platform for our comprehensive electronic health record for clinical, operational and financial transactions. It’s highly adaptable and interoperable to serve a number of business strategies based on the needs of our clients

What are Cerner ignite APIs for Millennium SM?

Cerner Ignite APIs for Millennium SM create the ability for your organization to purchase Provider apps that are available in our app gallery. Cerner Ignite APIs for Millennium also enables innovative organizations to build custom apps that fulfill edge needs.

What is Cerner oncology™?

With their implementation of Cerner Oncology™ in May 2017, providers gained access to prior ambulatory visits, acute care encounters, test results, images, medications and other important clinical information.

What is a cerneropen platform?

A connected ecosystem and innovation platform for health care, CernerOpen Platforms drive collaborative third-party relationships and open technologies focused on speeding up innovation to advance health care.