Who is the girl on the Little Debbie snacks?

Who is the girl on the Little Debbie snacks?

Debbie McKee-Fowler
As for “Little Debbie,” Debbie McKee-Fowler, she’s now all grown up and is the current Executive Vice President of the company and runs the “Little Debbie” brand. While other snack cake companies may be struggling, McKee Foods keeps thriving.

How old is Little Debbie 2020?

Since 1960, Little Debbie snacks have remained a value leader. Currently, they sell for less than other leading brands while providing quality products. More than 75 varieties are available.

Is Little Debbie a red head?

Little Debbie’s auburn hair is darker and has fewer curls. She’s wearing a more updated plaid shirt with a rounded “Peter Pan collar.” (She wore a lace-embroidered pointed collar before.) She’s still wearing the straw hat, but the hat string — which is called a “stampede string” — was removed.

Who owns Little Debbie snacks?

McKee Foods
McKee Foods is a privately-held, family-run company best known for our line of Little Debbie brand snack cakes. Since 1934, McKee Foods has been blessed with a reputation for doing business the right way.

Is Little Debbie’s PB Richie bad for You?

However, beware of Little Debbie’s P.B. Richie because the addition of peanut butter stacks this little cake with extra calories and saturated fat. If you have a hankering for peanut butter, opt for a bowl of oatmeal with one tablespoon of the good stuff swirled into it.

What was the first Little Debbie snack ever sold?

The Oatmeal Creme Pie was the first snack cake sold by the company, and the first individually-wrapped baked good sold as part of a bigger box. The carton of Little Debbie snacks originally sold for 49 cents. Over 14 million cartons were sold in the first 10 months.

Where is Little Debbie snack cakes now?

The company is still a Tennessee-based family bakery today, and Debbie McKee-Fowler serves on the McKee Foods Board of Directors and holds the position of Executive Vice President. Wonder what Little Debbie snack cakes you can buy today?

What kind of cakes does Little Debbie have for Christmas?

In addition to the regular set of snack cakes, Little Debbie also has seasonal favorites like heart-shaped snack cakes for Valentine’s Day and Christmas Tree Cakes and Eggnog Rolls for Christmas.