How do I pray for my grandson?

How do I pray for my grandson?

Holy God, I pray for my grandson’s life right now as he faces various trials. I pray against those around him who seek to kill and destroy him. I pray that You will protect his heart from unworthy people. Help him to guard his heart above all else, for it determines the course of his life.

What do you say to a child with cancer?

Positive things to say may include:

  • I want to help you. What night can I drop a dinner off for you?
  • I can’t imagine how you must feel. I’m always here to talk if you need me.
  • You’re handling this with so much courage and strength.
  • I’m thinking of you.
  • I know someone whose child also has/had cancer.

How do I pray for my child and grandchildren?

Lord, help my children and grandchildren…and me… not to focus on what’s going wrong in the world, but instead to keep our eyes on the only One who can make things right. After all, Almighty God, you are the One who truly understands how all of the pieces of life will ultimately fit together. We can trust You.

What do you write in a card to a child who has cancer?

Warm Wishes for Kids Fighting Cancer

  • Your Warm Wish: Hello!
  • You are brave and you are strong!
  • Sending you BIG hugs and prayers to get well soon!
  • I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
  • You are STRONG, you are BRAVE, you are LOVED and you are our INSPIRATION.

What do you say to a terminally ill child?

Remind your child of the special things he or she has done and the teachers, friends, nurses, and others who will always remember him or her. Discuss your family’s religious or spiritual beliefs about death and what happens after death. Give your child “permission” to die, if you believe that will help.

How do you uplift someone with cancer?

What you can do: Visits

  1. Always call before you visit.
  2. Schedule a visit that allows you to give physical and emotional support for the caregiver, too.
  3. Make short, regular visits rather than long, infrequent ones.
  4. Begin and end the visit with a touch, a hug, or a handshake.
  5. Be understanding if you are asked .

What do you write to a child with cancer?

What should I write in my grandchild’s Bible?

What to Write in a Bible Given as a Sympathy Gift

  1. No words can take away your grief.
  2. I am praying for you now and always.
  3. May the Lord bless and comfort your family during this loss.
  4. [Name] went to Heaven too soon.
  5. I will never forget [Name]’s strength and character.
  6. God bless your union and your new journey.

How to pray for healing of cancer patient?

Prayer for Healing of Cancer Patient Dear Father in Heaven, I offer my sincere gratitude for the blessings you have bestowed upon me in my life. Thank you for the comfort and strength you have shared when I needed them the most. I now pray for someone dear to me who is suffering from cancer.

What are some prayers for a child with cancer?

Here are 20 strong prayers for children with cancer. God of Lovingkindness, we intercede for this child and her family who have just received this dreaded news of a cancer diagnosis. We pray for supernatural peace and calm to come over this family. We pray that You will quiet the child’s fears and relieve any pain.

Are there any prayers for my son or grandson who is ill?

Prayers have been written for almost any occasion you can think of. If you have a son or grandson who is ill, prayer may bring you some peace of mind. Here are some poems from several religions to pray for a son or grandson who means so much to you. Many people search for prayers for healing when someone they love is ill.

What should I say to my dad who has cancer?

Help him to regain his mobility and be able to eat and enjoy life. We pray for the restoration of his organs that have been affected by cancer and the treatment side-effects. We pray that he will be blessed with the abundant life that You came to give and walk in restored health.