How do you reset an air exchanger?

How do you reset an air exchanger?

This happens when the unit has run for an equivalent of 12 months of non-interrupted air exchange or air recirculation. To reset the counter and turn the LED off, simultaneously press both and buttons for 5 seconds. * Refer to the user’s manual of your air exchanger for filter maintenance.

Should I run my ERV continuously?

To maintain air quality set the ERV controls to the intermittent on off cycle. This continuous intermittent setting should be maintained all year round. If you have a party or are cooking food with odours you can turn the control to high for an hour or so.

How often should HRV be serviced?

You should clean or replace your filters every 2 months. Fortunately, if your HRV is easily accessible, this takes only 5 minutes to do. Filters in most new HRVs can be easily removed, vacuumed, and washed with mild soap and water.

How do you service an air exchanger?

Air Exchanger Maintenance

  1. First, stop and unplug the HRV.
  2. Step 1: Clean or replace air filters.
  3. Step 2: Check the intake air taken from the outside and the vent.
  4. Step 3: Inspect the discharge of condensate conduit.
  5. Step 4: Clean the blades heat exchanger.
  6. Step 5: Clean the grills and inspect the ductwork.

Should I turn my air exchanger off in summer?

The answer depends on your home’s air conditioning system, your ERV wall control, the outdoor temperature and, most importantly, the outdoor relative humidity. As a rule of thumb, if you are more comfortable outside than inside your house, you should run your air exchanger in the summer.

Should HRV be turned off in summer?

There are different schools of thought on this subject, but as a general rule of thumb, it’s best to only turn your HRV system off completely during the summer if you have your windows open.

How much does a HRV service cost?

Dual filter HRV system service from $258.00 A service of your HRV system is an essential and cost effective way of maintaining good air quality in your home so talk to us today to find our more or make a booking request via our online form.

What should I do if my Erv/HRV is not working?

Your ERV/HRV may not be working if there is no active power source. Confirm: If your ERV/HRV is still not functioning after confirming its power source is active, contact your service contractor. My ERV/HRV is non-functional and my main control and/or timer is flashing.

What is lifebreath digital wall control?

Lifebreath Digital Wall control features an LCD screen, stylish slim design and five selection modes of operation, simple to program with a touch of a button.

Can I have confidence in the durability of the lifebreath?

You can have complete confidence in the durability and performance of the unit – regardless of the climate in which it’s installed. The Lifebreath core is comprised of aluminum plates.

Where can I find the manual for my Erv/HRV model?

Manuals for current models can be found on our website in the product section. If your ERV/HRV model is no longer listed on our website, please submit an online request for a manual. To do so, click on REQUEST MANUAL from the Homeowners tab on our website.