What mixes well with sourz?

What mixes well with sourz?

Take 2 parts Sourz Rainbow Ice, 5 parts bitter lemon and a wedge of lime, served over ice.

  • Apple Cheesecake. Sourz Apple and Bols Yoghurt.
  • Mango Choc. Sourz Mango and Stoli Chocolat Kokonut.
  • Mad Apple. Sourz Apple and St Germain Elderflower Liqueur.
  • Berries and Crème.
  • Berrytastic.
  • Sour Bourbon.
  • Sweet Bourbon.

What can you mix with passion fruit sourz?

Perfect serve – Sourz Passion Fruit Liqueur is best enjoyed chilled and served as a shooter, but we also recommend you mix it with lemonade and tons of ice.

Can you mix cherry sourz?

Method. In a tall glass add a shot each of the Cherry Sourz, vodka and Malibu. Stir this up and then add lemonade and crushed ice, then serve.

Is Sourz a vodka?

Sourz is a fruit-flavoured liqueur owned and produced by Beam Suntory. The liqueur is usually served as a shooter, but is also used in cocktails.

How do you drink tropical sourz?

Try a Tropical Sunrise!

  1. Fill a glass with ice.
  2. Squeeze a fresh lemon wedge over and drop in the glass.
  3. Pour over one shot of Sourz Tropical.
  4. Top up with Fanta/Orange juice and lemonade.

What percent alcohol is Sourz?

With a range of zingy fruit flavours, Sourz is a great tasting, versatile, contemporary 15% ABV liqueur. It can be enjoyed straight, in a long mixed drink or in pitcher serves.

What do you mix with cherry Sourz?

Mangotastic. Sourz Mango, lemonade and fresh orange juice.

  • Apple Bob. Sourz Apple, ginger ale and a squeeze of lemon.
  • Purple Witch. Sourz Cherry and Bols Blue topped up with lemonade.
  • Dracula’s Kiss.
  • Black Magic.
  • Apple and Elderflower Fizz.
  • Raspberry & Cream.
  • Tickled Pink.
  • Can you mix Sourz with lemonade?

    Add two shots of Apple Sourz and two shots of vodka to a pint glass then top up with lemonade.

    What alcohol is in raspberry Sourz?

    15 Percent
    SOURZ RASPBERRY the Original, 70 cl

    Brand Sourz
    Alcohol type Fruit Liqueurs
    Flavour Citrus, Raspberry
    Alcohol Content 15 Percent by Volume
    Liquid volume 700 Millilitres

    Can you mix sourz with lemonade?

    What flavour is tropical sourz?

    Mouth watering Sourz Tropical combines an initial citrus taste with deep tropical fruit flavours and a zingy sour finish. Sourz can be enjoyed on its own, or why not try a Tropical Storm, mixing Sourz Tropical with Vodka and Lemonade for a tropical treat!

    Is Sourz a shot drink?