What is Paramyotonia?

What is Paramyotonia?

Paramyotonia congenita (PMC) is a rare non-progressive genetic disorder that affects the skeletal muscles. The disorder typically begins in infancy or early childhood. Affected individuals experience spells of muscle stiffness or when the muscles do not relax after contracting (myotonia).

What are channelopathies?

Channelopathies are diseases that develop because of defects in ion channels caused by either genetic or acquired factors (Fig. 1). Mutations in genes encoding ion channels, which impair channel function, are the most common cause of channelopathies.

How do you pronounce Heceta?

Last but not least, Heceta is the name of the most photographed lighthouse on the Oregon Coast. It is pronounced “Ha-SEE-ta.”

How do you pronounce Netarts?

Netarts /ˈniːtɑːrts/ is an unincorporated community in Tillamook County, Oregon, United States; it is a census-designated place (CDP).

How do you pronounce Pheretima?

Pheretima Pronunciation. Pher·e·ti·ma.

What does periphyton look like?

Most people experience the North Shore of Lake Superior along its rocky coastline and most expect to see clear waters and colorful rocks. At times, some may notice a light brown or light green slimy covering on the rocks or even longer, dark green filaments.

What is Periphytic?

: organisms (such as some algae) that live attached to underwater surfaces.

What is Myotomia?

Definition. Myotonia is a medical term that refers to a neuromuscular condition in which the relaxation of a muscle is impaired. It can affect any muscle group. Repeated effort will be needed to relax the muscle, although the condition usually improves after the muscles have warmed-up.

What is Nondystrophic myotonia?

The non-dystrophic myotonias are skeletal muscle ion channel disorders traditionally considered to be distinct from myotonic dystrophy because of the absence of progressive weakness and systemic features.

What is a heart channelopathy?

Cardiac channelopathies are genetic abnormalities in heart cell proteins that control heart electrical activity and thus can cause heart rhythm disturbances. (See also Overview of Abnormal Heart Rhythms.

How do you pronounce LaTourell?

Sore Feet wrote: Lurch wrote: I’ve always assumed that since the first syllable isn’t spelled in a way to stress its accent (LaTourell or La Tourell), that it’s pronounced more like “lateral”, except with a stressed -EL syllable at the end instead of -al, so it’d be more like “later-EL” (soft “a” though).

How do you pronounce shaniko?

Shaniko (/ˈʃænɪkoʊ/, SHAN-i-koh) is a city located in Wasco County, Oregon, United States, on U.S. Route 97 and about 8 miles (13 km) north of Antelope.

How do you pronounce antoneta?

Phonetic spelling of Antoaneta

  1. ah-n-t-oh-ah-n-EH-t-ah.
  2. an-toane-ta.
  3. An-toaneta.