What is the highest award for a Scout?

What is the highest award for a Scout?

The Chief Scout’s Diamond Award is the highest of the Chief Scout’s Awards. The Queen’s Scout Award is the top achievement for Explorer Scouts and Scout Network members. Earning it is a huge achievement!

What is the highest award in Scouting in India?

Rajya Puraskar, known as the Governor’s Award, is the highest award a Scouts and Guides can earn at the State-level on completion of 13 years of age and after being taught by trained Scout Master and Guide Captain and undergoing a State-level testing by a team of qualified examiners.

What badges do you get in Scouts?

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What is a Meritorious Service Medal for Scouts?

This is awarded for meritorious conduct of an exceptionally high standard e.g. exceptional acts of bravery with no risk to life, or exceptional dedication to the Scouts despite the difficulties they have endured. The medal is a green ribbon with a red vertical stripe.

What is a bar to meritorious conduct award?

These awards are for those who have conducted themselves with a high degree of courage, endurance, initiative or dedication to the Scouts, often through difficulties, without necessarily involving any element of risk. Bar to Meritorious Conduct awards may be granted for additional acts.

Will I receive a congratulatory letter from the Chief Scout?

All award recipients of Meritorious Conduct/Gallantry awards, Cornwell Scout Badge and Chief Scout’s Personal Awards will receive a congratulatory letter from the Chief Scout. This will be contained within the award package to be distributed with the award.

What is the highest award in the Scouts?

From 1922 the Silver Wolf became an exclusively adult award. Today the Silver Wolf is still gifted by the Chief Scout following an approved nomination for service of exceptional nature and it continues to be the highest award which can be earnt by anyone who holds a volunteer appointment as a member or associate member of the UK Scouts.