What was the cut off NEET 2014?

What was the cut off NEET 2014?

AIPMT 2014 online counselling, cutoff rank for All India Quota seats

Category Marks Range No of Candidates
UR (Un-Reserved) 682-438 13561
OBC 438-434 345
SC 438-295 3403
ST 436-288 671

Is AIPMT and NEET syllabus same?

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) used for MBBS and BDS admissions in 2013 has been replaced by AIPMT, but the entrance exam syllabus remains the same as that for NEET UG. The syllabus of AIPMT is based on Class 11th and Class 12th Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Botany and Zoology).

Who is the topper of NEET 2014?

NEET (AIPMT) 2014 Topper: Tejaswin Jha’s journey to the milestone.

Why was 2015 NEET Cancelled?

In a decision impacting over six lakh students across the country, the Supreme Court on Monday cancelled the All-India Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Entrance Test held on May 3, 2015 due to exam fraud and ongoing investigation.

How many students appeared NEET 2014?

Number of applicants by year

Year Date of Examination No. of candidates Appeared
2016 1 May 2016 (Phase I) 731,233
2015 Exam not held (AIPMT held instead)
2013 5 May 2013 658,040

Who is youngest NEET topper?

Mohammed Zeya Belal, a 17-year-old from Bihar, topped the list of candidates from his city who cleared The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). He scored 715 from 720 and holds the 19th rank all over India.

When Roman Saini cleared aiims?

He cleared AIIMS entrance examination at the age of 16 and went to publish a research paper in a reputed medical journal before the age of 18.

How was NEET 2015 paper leaked?

Private cars and buses were used by Dangi to ferry the master solvers to Behror. *On May 3, Dangi leaked the question paper from Behror. After arranging the answer keys, he provided it to Dr Bhupender, Ravi, Sanjeet and Rajesh on their mobile phones for transmission to candidates.

Is NEET 2021 will Cancelled?

As per the latest information, the Apex Court has said that lakhs of students cannot be made to suffer and hence, the NEET 2021 undergraduate examination which was held on September 12, 2021 will not be cancelled. NEET 2021 cancellation matter was heard by a Bench of Justices L Nageswara Rao and BR Gavai.

Who is the NEET topper of 2015?

Vipul Garg the Haryana boy scored 695 out of 720 in AIPMT 2015 and has bagged the 1st position in AIPMT 2015 with 170 in Chemistry, 175 in Physics and 350 in Biology….Firstly, Topper 2015 Vipul Garg.

Exams appeared All India Rank

When was Aipmt started in India?

1 May 2016
The All India Pre Medical Test, also known as AIPMT, held on 1 May 2016, was considered as the first phase of the NEET.

What is difference between AIPMT and NEET?

Ans. NEET is a single eligibility cum entrance examination namely ‘National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for admission to MBBS/BDS courses’ in each academic year. AIPMT was conducted by CBSE for selection of candidates for admission to 15% seats under All India Quota.


Tanmay Gupta
NEET Result 2021 Topper list has been released by National Testing Agency on neet.nta.nic.in. Tanmay Gupta has topped the medical entrance exam by securing AIR 2 and a perfect score of 720.

What is AIPMT – 2014 test paper?

AIPMT – 2014 TEST PAPER WITH SOLUTIONS (HELD ON SUNDAY 04thMAY, 2014) 4. A system consists of three masses m1, m2and m3 connected by a string passing over a pulley P. The mass m1hangs freely and m2and m3are on a rough horizontal table (the coefficient of friction = µ). The pulley is frictionless and of negligible mass.

What is aipmt-2014 35?

AIPMT-2014 35. A beam of light of  = 600 nm from a distant source falls on a single slit 1 mm wide and the resulting diffraction pattern is observed on a screen 2 m away.

How do you calculate potential energy in AIPMT?

AIPMT-2014 25. In a region, the potential is represented by V(x, y, z) = 6x – 8xy – 8y + 6yz, where V is in volts and x, y, z are in metres.