Do I need irst driver?

Do I need irst driver?

You don’t need this driver unless you intend to set up software RAID (fakeraid) using your motherboard’s Intel chipset. If you convert to fakeraid later, install the driver on your existing system just prior to installing the new drives, so that it will be more likely to boot afterward.

What is irst driver?

Intel Rapid Storage Technology is a Windows-based application that provides improved performance and reliability for computers that are equipped with SATA disks for desktop, mobile, and server platforms.

How do I install an IRST driver?

The IRST driver is located under the Storage or Serial ATA categories. Download the x64 version of the IRST driver (version 17.5 or newer.) to a computer. Double-click the .exe file that you have saved to a computer. Do Not select Install, choose Extract instead.

Do I need Intel Rapid Start technology?

In non-RAID systems, the RST is essentially an alternate SATA AHCI controller. Intel claims that it enhances performance and power management (for the hard disks). It also offers a nice interface for disk information and status. As such, it isn’t essential.

What is RST driver?

The Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) Driver (16.8. 4.1011) supports the configuration and enabling of system acceleration with Intel® Optane™ Memory and maintenance of RAID 0/1/5/10.

How do I use Intel RST?

To enable the Intel RST:

  1. Run the Intel RST software through the All Programs menu or the task bar icon.
  2. Click Enable acceleration under either the Status or Accelerate menu.
  3. Select the SSD for the cache device.
  4. Select the size from the SSD allocated for the cache memory.
  5. Select the drive (or RAID volume) to accelerate.

What happens if I turn off rst?

If you disable RST in the BIOS or change the RST configuration, Windows may become unbootable, as it may no longer be able to find and use the hard disks.

How do I activate my irst?


  1. On the keyboard, press the Windows + R keys together to open a Run box. Then, type services.
  2. In the new window, find and right-click Intel® Rapid Storage Technology. Choose Properties.
  3. Choose the General tab. Then, set the Startup type to be Automatic and click OK to save the setting.

Should I install Intel Rapid Storage?

IRST covers the NVME and AHCI controllers and how access, power and tables are written. It’s not vital to, but is recommended to install the driver itself over the generic MS driver, as you will generally get somewhat improved performance. Install it regardless.

How do I enable Intel RST?

Is rst faster than AHCI?

Hard Drives: Samsung 980 Pro 500GB (OS), 860 Evo 500GB/2TB, Adata SX8200 Pro NVme 1 TB, 3TB external Seagate HDD’s x2 in raid enclosure JBOD. Other Info: HE400i headphones. The RST drivers are generally faster.

What happens if I disable rst?

What is Intel RST with Intel Optane acceleration?

Intel® Optane™ memory is a system acceleration solution installed between the processor and slower storage devices (SATA HDD, SSHD, SSD), which enables the computer to store commonly used data and programs closer to the processor.