What is the opposite of egomania?

What is the opposite of egomania?

▲ Opposite of a person who is obsessively egotistical or self-centered. altruist. humanitarian. philanthropist.

What is egocentric antonym?

Opposite of egocentric or individualistic. allocentric. collectivistic. sociocentric.

What are antonyms for egotism?

antonyms for egoism/egotism

  • altruism.
  • humility.
  • selflessness.

What’s a synonym for egomaniac?

Synonyms for egomaniacal. egocentric, egoistic. (also egoistical), egotistic.

What makes someone an egomaniac?

Egomania is psychiatric term used to describe excessive preoccupation with one’s ego, identity or self and applies the same preoccupation to anyone who follows one’s own ungoverned impulses, is possessed by delusions of personal greatness & grandeur and feels a lack of appreciation.

What is the synonym of braggart?

braggart. bragger. egomaniac. egotist. know-it-all.

What does ego eccentric mean?

Medical Definition of egocentric (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : limited in outlook or concern to one’s own activities or needs. 2 : being self-centered or selfish. Other Words from egocentric.

Is non egoistic a word?

adjective. 1Not intrusive in the display of one’s own personality or interpretation; not centred on or obtrusive in reference to oneself; compare “egotism”. Also (now chiefly): characterized by a lack of self-conceit; modest, self-effacing.

How do I know if I am egomaniac?

Here are 7 signs to keep an eye out for, that could help you detect an egomaniac.

  • They Are Aggressive And Vengeful.
  • They Try Their Hardest To Stand Out.
  • Their Self Obsession Is Through The Roof.
  • They Don’t Care Much About Their Friends.
  • Ambition Beyond Measure.
  • They Will Never Let You Forget That One Bad Incident.

What is the synonym of pariah?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for pariah, like: outcast, undesirable, one in disgrace, scapegoat, leper, sub-humans, untouchable, castaway, nonperson, ishmael and refugee.

What is the opposite of being greedy?

The opposite of being greedy is being generous—being willing to give away one’s money or possessions instead of being obsessed with acquiring more.

What is Sociocentric?

Definition of sociocentric : concerned with or centered on one’s own social group — compare egocentric, ethnocentric.