What one toke over the line means?

What one toke over the line means?

Tom Shipley explained: “When we wrote ‘One Toke Over the Line,’ I think we were one toke over the line. I considered marijuana a sort of a sacrament… If you listen to the lyrics of that song, ‘one toke’ was just a metaphor. It’s a song about excess. Too much of anything will probably kill you.”

Where are Brewer and Shipley now?

At present, Michael Brewer lives outside of Branson, Missouri. Tom Shipley lives in Rolla, Missouri, where he is part of the staff of Missouri University of Science & Technology (formerly the University of Missouri – Rolla).

What year was one toke over the line?

1970One Toke over the Line / Released

What year did one toke over the line come out?

Who is the best accordion player of all time?

1. Lawrence Welk. Welk was one of the wealthiest accordionists all throughout America, mainly because of The Lawrence Welk Show that aired on TV from the 1950s to the 1980s every Saturday night. He was named the creator of Champagne Music because of his playing style.

Is Norma Zimmerman still alive?

Norma Zimmer (July 13, 1923 – May 10, 2011) was an American vocalist, best remembered for her 22-year tenure as Lawrence Welk’s “Champagne Lady” on The Lawrence Welk Show….

Norma Zimmer
Birth name Norma Larsen
Born July 13, 1923 Larson, Idaho, U.S.
Died May 10, 2011 (aged 87) Brea, California, U.S.
Occupation(s) Vocalist

Is the Champagne Lady still alive?

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Norma Zimmer, the “Champagne Lady” of “The Lawrence Welk Show” and a studio singer who worked with Frank Sinatra and other pop stars, died on Wednesday at her home in Brea, Calif. She was 87. Her death was confirmed by Welk’s son, Larry.

What Stars play the accordion?

1 You can’t imagine that they (and she) also played the accordion.

  • 1.1 Charles Dickens (1812-1870)
  • 1.2 Charlie Chaplin (1889 – 1977)
  • 1.3 Ella Fiztzeral (1917-1996)
  • 1.4 Bruce Willis (1955)

What nationality plays the accordion?

Bosnia and Herzegovina
The accordion is a traditional instrument in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the dominant instrument used in sevdalinka, a traditional genre of folk music from Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also considered a national instrument of the country.

Who made the accordion famous?

Friedrich L. Buschmann, whose Handäoline was patented in Berlin in 1822, as the inventor of the accordion, while others give the distinction to Cyril Demian of Vienna, who patented his Accordion in 1829, thus coining the name.

How old is Lawrence Welk?

89 years (1903–1992)Lawrence Welk / Age at death