How does PHP integrate with Active Directory?

How does PHP integrate with Active Directory?


  1. PHP Configuration. PHP’s LDAP support is not enabled by default.
  2. A Privileged Account. One’s ability to manage institutional resources is directly dependent upon furnishable credentials.
  3. Firewall Adjustments.
  4. ldap_connect()
  5. ldap_set_option()
  6. ldap_bind()
  7. ldap_unbind()
  8. ldap_search()

How configure LDAP in PHP?

3 Answers

  1. apt-get install php7. 0-ldap (or use apt-get install php7. 1-ldap )
  2. service apache2 restart.
  3. After that create a php file to get the php configuration phpinfo();
  4. Now ldap is installed.

What is LDAP PHP?

LDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, and is a protocol used to access “Directory Servers”. The Directory is a special kind of database that holds information in a tree structure.

What type of authentication does Active Directory use?

Active Directory uses Kerberos version 5 as authentication protocol in order to provide authentication between server and client. Kerberos v5 became default authentication protocol for windows server from windows server 2003.

How to enable LDAP authentication in PHP?

Enable php_ldap Extension Enable php_ldap extension in your php.ini. Usually, it is just a matter of un-commenting one line in php.ini so that it becomes: extension=php_ldap.dll Do not forget to restart your web server after changing php.ini. How to Set User Accounts with LDAP Authentication It is very important to set Time Tracker users

How to authenticate current user with Active Directory?

Building the LDAP Connection String. The first thing you must do in order to connect to any directory service is to create an LDAP connection string.

  • Get All Users.
  • Retrieve Additional User Info.
  • Build a UserSearcher Method.
  • Build Extension Method for Reading Properties.
  • Searching for Users.
  • Get One User.
  • How to authenticate and import users with Active Directory?

    How to Authenticate and Import Users with Active Directory or LDAP To add an Authentication Server click the Add Authentication Server button. There are different options for

    How to enable the virtual directory support PHP?

    How To Enable The Virtual Directory Support In Apache For Mod_rewrite Nov 7, 2005. I am having a lot of problem in implementing mod-rewrite in the Apache 2.0 server due to its configuration that it has the Virtual Directory Support “Disabled”.