How much does a tracker panfish weigh?

How much does a tracker panfish weigh?


Length 4.93 m 16′ 2”
Max. Person Capacity 4 persons
Max. Person Weight 210.92 kg 465 lbs.
Max. Person, Motor & Gear Weight 399.16 kg 880 lbs.
Interior Depth 39.37 cm 15.5”

How wide is a 16 foot bass tracker?

1.52 m 5′

Length 4.88 m 16′
Beam 1.93 m 6′ 4”
Bottom Width 1.52 m 5′
Max. Recommended HP 50 HP
Fuel Capacity 43.15 L 11.4 gal.

Who makes a crappie boat?

Brad Whitehead “As a crappie guide you want a boat that is both fishable and affordable, the War Eagle 754VS is the highest quality for the price.”

How much does a tracker v16 weight?


Length 5.03 m 16′ 6”
Max. Person Capacity 5 persons
Max. Person Weight 297.1 kg 655 lbs.
Max. Person, Motor & Gear Weight 544.31 kg 1200 lbs.
Interior Depth 64.77 cm 25.5”

Does tracker make a stick steer boat?

Overview. The TRACKER® PANFISH™ 16 is a versatile boat for everything from crappie to bass to pike to walleye. With its helm-forward design and stick-steering set-up, it’s easy to fish, easy to load and offers unobstructed visibility for navigating woody coves and smaller rivers.

What is a good boat for crappie fishing?

Crappie Boat Buying Considerations They own a fiberglass bass boat (Ranger 520) and an aluminum boat (Fisher GT-19), allowing them to match boats with fishing conditions on the variety of waters.

Are TRACKER Boats powder coated?

TRACKER® DIAMOND COAT™ is a multi-layer powder-coat finish that is three times harder, up to four times thicker and keeps its color up to 20 times longer than traditional liquid paint. DIAMOND COAT is the most durable, long lasting and environmentally friendly finish being used on any aluminum boat today.

What thickness is aluminum in TRACKER Boats?

TRACKER builds its boats with 5052 marine alloy, aluminum combined with about 2.5% magnesium, .

Who makes the Tracker boat motor?

Tracker outboards are Mercury outboards. The only difference is the decal. But, a 2002 90 HP without oil injection?? Better check that serial number.

How wide is a tracker boat?

With a generous 7′ 4” beam and 16′ 6” length, the TRACKER® PRO GUIDE™ V-16 SC rides smoothly through the chop while providing wide-bodied stability for maximum fishability and interior room.