Is Oblix East or West better?

Is Oblix East or West better?

Oblix West has been designed with traditional dining in mind, whereas Oblix East has a more upbeat, livelier atmosphere and it is also where our bar is located. Menu offerings vary between the east and west side – feel free to view them via our website!

What is Oblix?

Oblix is one of six restaurants and bars within The Shard, the tallest building in Western Europe. It was the first restaurant to open at The Shard in Spring 2013. With panoramic views of the skyline from East to West, you’ll experience two sides of the same story.

Can I wear Converse to The Shard?

We do allow jeans. Converse depending their look. If they look smart/casual it would be okay but if they look sports then the security may not allow your entrance if you are not having a reservation for dinner.

Is the Shard bar free?

Of course, you’ll be paying for food and/or drink, but entry to the Shard will be free. Aqua Shard – Located on the 31st floor, this restaurant provides a nice view of the city below and a three-story high atrium bar. Although tables must be reserved, no reservation is required to visit the bar.

Can I wear air forces to the Shard?

Our dress code is smart casual, we regret that entry will not be allowed if you are wearing shorts, flip flops, sports kit or sports shoes. To specifically answer your question, you won’t be allowed in Aqua Shard or Hutong if you come wearing those sports shoes. over a year ago.

Can I wear Converse to the Shard?

What is the highest bar in The Shard?

GŎNG | The Shard 2) GŎNG – Western Europe’s highest cocktail bar, located on the 52nd floor of The Shard – is approximately 182 metres above ground level.

What is oblix and how does it work?

The commercial name Oblix may refer either to a suite of software designed to manage authentication identity (especially in a web service environment) or to the former company which developed that software. History: It was started in 1996 by Sandeep Johri, Kumar Vora and Nand Mulchandani and funded by seed investors.

What does it mean when a bar says no cover?

No cover charge. Some bars and clubs do not charge an entrance fee, which is indicated in signs stating “no cover” or “no cover charge”. These bars use the live entertainers to draw and retain customers in the establishment, so that the customers will buy drinks.

Who collects the cover charge at a nightclub?

Club bouncers are sometimes responsible for collecting a cover charge. A cover charge is an entrance fee sometimes charged at bars, nightclubs, or restaurants. The American Heritage Dictionary defines it as a fixed amount added to the bill at a nightclub or restaurant for entertainment or service..

Why do some bars have a cover charge?

Some expensive jazz clubs and comedy clubs have both a cover charge and a minimum drink requirement. Many sports bars have cover charge when they are showing a boxing or a UFC pay per view event, to help defray to costs of ordering the pay-per-view material.