Is Razor the best DPS?

Is Razor the best DPS?

Razor excels as a main DPS character and is often thought of as one of the best four-star characters. We recommend using him in a party with Genshin Impact’s Diona, as she can help trigger superconduct and provide support.

How old is razor from Genshin?

Razor is one of the youngest playable characters in the game. Just like his good friend Bennett, he is 16 years old and celebrates his birthday every 9th of September.

Can you get razor without wishing?

The only way for players to obtain Razor is by spending real money on Wishes. Even upon doing that, players will still need to be lucky enough to draw Razor.

Who is better Beidou or Razor?

Honestly, use whoever you like the most. If you have fun with Beidou, keep playing as her. If you’ve grown up on Razor, there’s nothing bad in raising him. Or, if you like both, you can just switch to the one you feel like using today (if you have enough resources, of course).

Is Razor good with Kaeya?

Razor scales with physical attack damage, which works well with the superconduct of him and Kaeya since it lowers enemy physical resistance by 40% for 12secs. Keep that in mind as you build both him and your team. In general, you should look stuff up on anyone you wanna consider using just to optimize them perfectly.

Is Electro Res good for Razor?

・Raises Razor’s ATK SPD and Electro RES. ・Causes Razor to be immune to DMG inflicted by the Electro-Charged status. ・Disables Razor’s Charged Attacks. ・Increases Razor’s resistance to interruption….Lightning Fang.

Attribute Effect (Lvl 1)
Electro RES Bonus 50%
Duration 15.0s
CD 20.0s
Energy Cost 80

Is Razor good with venti?

Cryo characters like Qiqi and Diona synergise well with Razor as you can consistently land Superconduct while staying protected from attacks. Zhongli and Venti also complement Razor as they don’t need to be active in combat for very long.

What does Masterless Starglitter do?

Masterless Starglitter is a special currency that is used to purchase rarer items, Intertwined or Acquaint Fates, or a monthly rotation of characters and weapons from Paimon’s Bargains. If a player obtains a 4/5★ weapon from a Wish or a character that they already own, they will receive Masterless Starglitter.

How do you get Diluc?

Players need to get Primogems and transform them into Intertwined Fate (pink wishes) or Acquaint Fate (blue wishes). If players pull in the Standard Banner they can only have Keqing, Jean, Qiqi, Mona, Diluc, and 5-star weapons. This increases the chances of getting Diluc.

Who is the best DPS in Genshin Impact?

Best DPS Genshin Impact tier list

Tier Genshin Impact characters
S Ayaka, Ayato, Diluc, Eula, Ganyu, Hu Tao, Itto, Raiden Shogun, Tartaglia, Xiao
A Keqing, Klee, Kokomi, Noelle, Ningguang, Yanfei, Yoimiya
B Aloy, Beidou, Fischl, Mona, Razor, Rosaria, Xinyan, Yun Jin

Is razor good with Xingqiu?

Xingqiu’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst also provide protection and healing for Razor.

Is Scaramouche immortal?

Scaramouche is a male human whose age is undefined as he is an immortal.