What does paua symbolize?

What does paua symbolize?

The Maori believe the Paua will bring connectivity and harmony to relationships. The way the colors of the shell shift in the light is also a symbol of change and transition in Maori culture.

Why is paua important to New Zealand?

For Maori, paua have always been an important aspect to their art. Paua shell eyes feature prominently on carvings in almost any meeting house. For modern artists, gone are the days when paua embedded in resin formed ashtrays and wall hangings.

Is paua and abalone the same?

New Zealand’s päua, (known as abalone in other countries), are all unique species of abalone found only in New Zealand, and are distinguished by their brilliantly coloured shells. Päua have an oval shaped shell, inside which is a large muscular foot which clings to rocks.

Are paua only in NZ?

Pāua (known as abalone in other countries) are a unique species of shellfish found only in New Zealand.

What is abalone jewelry made from?

Abalone is derived from the shells of snails, specifically small-to-large sea snails. The color in abalone is what sells a lot of people; natural shades of blue and green sway like the ocean, mixed in with pearly white. Abalone jewelry is perfect to buy for yourself or give as a gift.

What is a paua pearl?

Luméa Wild Pearls are created by natures’ own design. Formed either as a blister on the inside nacre of the shell, or free formed within the muscle of the mollusc, they are speckled with imperfections.

Is abalone jewelry durable?

Because of the way abalone is formed, the shell is highly durable and is very strong and tough, even though its Mohs hardness is only a 2.5 to 4. This makes it excellent in the use of jewelry as it can be quite durable.

Do paua have pearls?

Natural paua pearls do exist, but they are always concretions produced by the animal outside the mantle and are inevitably very oddly shaped (see below). The success rate of the pearl production is not high.

Why is it illegal to sell abalone?

It is illegal to take abalone from the ocean. Numbers of abalone are now at critically low levels because of over-exploitation. Poaching is the biggest threat to abalone. People in local communities are either paid money or given drugs by large syndicates to illegally remove abalone from the ocean.

How do you shine abalone jewelry?

When cleaning abalone jewelry, simply use a mild soap and warm water along with a soft cloth to remove any body oils, dirt and grime build up. Don’t use any harsh chemicals, detergents, baking soda, ammonia or other abrasive products when cleaning abalone jewelry.

Is abalone jewelry expensive?

Though abalone is an inexpensive material, jewellers are placing it next to diamonds and gold; linking through to a fifth trend of mixing precious materials with those that are considered less so, as seen in Cartier’s new Magnificence high jewellery collection.