What is information and communication technology SlideShare?

What is information and communication technology SlideShare?

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What is ICT in education SlideShare?

 ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology.  ICT are basically information handling tools-a varied set of equipment, applications and services that are used to produce, store, process, distribute and exchange information.

What is ICT and its characteristics?

1. They facilitate long distance communication. There are fewer and fewer barriers that hinder the interaction between each other, since information and communication technologies have made it possible to exchange messages remotely and instantaneously. 2. They provide access to abundant and varied information.

What is information and Communication Technology?

NFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY MADE BY:- TAMOJIT DAS 2. INTRODUCTION TO ICT WHAT IS ICT? – ICT is the technology required for information processing, in particular, the use of electronic computers, communication devices and software applications to convert, store, protect, process, transmit and retrieve information from anywhere, anytime.

What is interpersonal communication technology?

Interpersonal communication between two or more people. Information And Communication Technology – Help Your Business Unlock Its Potential – If you are an IT company, then you must include the latest information and communication technology in your business to run it successfully.

What are the different types of communication devices?

3. Aiding Communication – telephone and fax machines are the devices used in extending communication. 5. Spreading Information – To broadcast information such as news or weather reports effectively. Radio, television, satellites and the World Wide Web (www) are powerful tools that can be used. 7.

What are some examples of Information Technology?

Information Technologies Creation Personal Computers, Digital camera, Scanner, Smartphone Processing Calculator, PC, Smartphone Storage CD, DVD, Pen drive, Microchip, Cloud Display PC, TV, Projector, Smartphone, Transmission Internet, Teleconference, Video conferencing, Mobile technology, Radio Exchange e-mail, Cellphone, 5.